SECI Invites Bids for Selection of Developers for 7500 MW Grid-Connected Solar Power Projects in J&K, Leh and Kargil

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The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) invites request for selection of solar power developers for setting up of 7500 MW grid-connected solar power projects (including implementation of power transmission and evacuation infrastructure) in Leh & Kargil Districts, Jammu & Kashmir, India under global competitive bidding. The last date for submission of bids is 30 April, 2020.


The scope of work for grid-connected solar power projects in Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir includes implementation of the solar power project along with setting up of power transmission & evacuation infrastructure till the delivery point. Connectivity and long-term open access shall be in the scope of the Developer. The bid processing fee is Rs. 15 lakh plus 18%GST as applicable, and bidders are required to provide Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 6 lakh plus 18% GST. 

As part of the Government of India’s targets of achieving a cumulative capacity of 100 GW Solar PV installation by the year 2022, a scheme has been approved by the Government of India for setting up of 23 GW Grid-connected Solar PV Projects in the Leh & Kargil Regions of Jammu & Kashmir. The total capacity is targeted to be implemented in several phases, the first phase being implementation of 2500 MW Grid-connected capacity in the Kargil District and 5000 MW capacity in Leh District. 

SECI invites proposals for setting up of grid connected Solar PV Projects on “Build Own Operate” basis for an aggregate capacity of 7500 MW. SECI will enter into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the successful bidders selected based on this RfS for purchase of Solar Power for a period of 35 years based on the terms, conditions and provisions of the RfS.

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Bidders shall submit their bid by offering a single tariff for each project, which shall be applicable for the Term of the PPA. If the Project is transferred or sold to a third party during its tenure (after initial lockin period of 1 year after COD), SECI will retain full rights to operationalize the PPA with the third party. 

The Projects to be selected under this RfS for aggregate capacity of 2500 MW to be installed in Kargil District, provide for deployment of Solar PV Technology. Crystalline Silicon or Thin Film or CPV, with or without trackers can be installed. Only commercially established and operational technologies can be used, to minimize the technology risk and to achieve the timely commissioning of the projects. Already commissioned projects will not be considered. 

However,  projects under construction or projects which are not yet commissioned will be considered, in case these projects are not already accepted under any other Central or State Schemes. Enhancement and augmentation of already commissioned Projects, irrespective of their capacities will not be considered as eligible Project under this scheme. The RfS document has been prepared based on the “Guidelines for Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Process for Procurement of Power from Grid Connected Solar PV Power Projects” issued by the Ministry of Power. A Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure will be adopted and will proceed as detailed in the RfS Documents. 

Selection of solar power developers (SPD) for the total capacity of 7500 MW will be carried out through e-bidding followed by e-Reverse Auction process. The total capacity of 7500 MW under the RfS has been divided into three Packages as follows: 

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a. Package-A: This Package comprises a single Project of 2500 MW capacity to be set up in Kargil District. 

b. Package-B: This Package consists of a single Project of 2500 MW capacity to be set up in Block-1 in Leh District. 

c. Package-C: This Package consists of a single Project of 2500 MW capacity to be set up in Block-2 in Leh District. 

The bidder will have to declare the annual CUF of the project at the time of submission of  bids, which in no case should be less than 22%. The annual CUF will be calculated every year from 1st April of the year to 31st March next year.

Any excess generation over and above 10% of declared annual CUF will be purchased by SECI at its discretion (without any obligation to do so), at a fixed tariff of 75% of the PPA tariff, provided SECI is able to get any buyer for sale of such excess generation. However, the SPD shall inform at least 60 days in advance of such excess generation to SECI, to enable SECI take necessary actions for sale of this excess generated energy. While the SPD would be free to install DC solar field as per his design of required output, including his requirement of auxiliary consumption, SPD will not be allowed to sell any excess power to any other entity other than SECI. 

Successful bidders shall have to pay Rs 1.06 Lakh/ MW/ Project (@ 0.2% of normative capital cost of CERC i.e. Rs  530.02 Lakh per MW) + 18% GST to SECI towards administrative overheads, coordination with State Authorities and others, Discom/ STU/CTU, pre-commissioning and commissioning expense. Any extension of the PPA period beyond 35 years shall be through mutual agreement between the Solar Power Developer and SECI. The full commissioning of the project should be within 2 years from the effective date of the PPA. The maximum extension that can be provided by SECI for full commissioning of the project will be 2.5 years from the effective date of PPA.

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To be eligible for bidding, the SPD company should have minimum annual turnover of Rs 50 Lakhs/ MW of the quoted capacity during the previous financial year, i.e. FY 2017-18, or either should prove internal resource generation capability, in the form of Profit Before Depreciation Interest and Taxes (PBDIT) for a minimum amount of Rs 10 Lakhs/ MW of the quoted capacity, as on the last date of previous financial year, i.e. FY 2017-18.

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