In this Union Budget Government has Intended to impose 20% BCD on Solar Cells and Modules

Mr. Vikas Jain, Director, Insolation

According to you what are the significant changes that can happen after the budget 2020 policy?


In this union budget Government has intend to impose 20% BCD on Solar cells and Modules which was long lasting demand from the domestic manufacturer. This move will definitely benefit domestic manufacturers. Also Government has embarked funds for Kusum Yojna which will boost solar pumping sector to new heights.


Tell us about the recent trends in the Solar Module industry which has been picking up pace?


As far as technological changes are concerned there are  hardly any major changes except for the increase in module efficiency and rise in Mono PERC share in market.

What according to you can be the challenges faced by the solar module industry with the budget 2020 policy?

Manufacturing industry was expecting some concessions in machine imports or investment on new project .Industry is also expecting some long term stable policy from Govt .Indian solar manufacturing  sector is still in baby phase it needs govt support to grow and shine .Cheap and poor quality imports are still the biggest challenge then frequent changes in policy by centre and state is a big issue.

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How has Insolation Energy Pvt. Ltd. planned to cope up with these challenges?

Still We are not catering to big project markets so we are directly not so much impacted by imports or Govt policies but to grow further we need to cater this market also .We are expanding slowly keeping a tight vigil on factors.

Does Insolation have plans for future collaborations ?

We Have recently entered  into collaboration with a Big brand in  china for technological upgradation and capacity expansion .our capacity will increase upto 200 MW by May 2020 . We are also planning to enter into manufacturing of allied products.

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