GoodWe Chosen by Bosch to Power their Factories


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Bosch, the renowned German developer and EPC player well known for its technical expertise and quality have been ranked among top 100 globally.


GoodWe being an inverter technology expert and a top leading solar inverter manufacturing company.

Bosch successfully commissioned a cumulative of 5MW in their factories across India and went with the best of technology and quality available by choosing GoodWe inverters to commission their solar plants. About 69Nos. of 60kW and 15 Nos. of 50kW inverters were used to power these initiatives. Bosch also commissioned 1MW project with bifacial PV Modules and yet again chose GoodWe inverters due to their high-end performance witnessed by Bosch. These projects were blended over rooftops and grounds of Bosch’s production factories, which are set to reap the benefits of cleaner energy for the masses, which means lower CO2 footprint and a much diverse energy portfolio.

As an international tech-giant, Bosch emphasizes on quality and service which would help secure the Return-of-Investment and guarantee the longevity of the power plant. Bosch particularly selected GoodWe inverters for their own rooftop projects verifying technical strength of GoodWe inverters and capability to adapt various grid conditions and an excellent device of high energy generation.

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GoodWe inverters are rated at 50°C and designed to work at adverse weather conditions. GoodWe MT Series is the piece to complete the puzzle, perfect for large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV plants. It can provide a continuous maximum AC output power overload of 15% with its integrated boost function, which offers customers a faster return on investment. It also supports 95mm2 aluminum cables instead of 75mm2 copper cables, which saves investment for AC cables. Built with four MPP Trackers, it ensures that the outputs of connected PV modules generate the highest yields. Adding to the mix, a more compact design with >20% lesser volume and weight compared to other inverters, GoodWe MT series inverters becomes an easy to install and maintain device making it an excellent choice for Developers and EPC companies.

With a vision of expanding business and presence in India, GoodWe offers an unparalleled after-sales service to sustain long-term business relationships with clients and have office in Mumbai with a local service team of 12 qualified engineers.

Mr. James Hou – Head of Sales for India and SEA region, commented with excitement – “In the past 3 years, we have worked with some of the most reputed Indian EPCs/Developers in India on many large-scale C&I projects ranging from 5MW to 20MW. And today, with Bosch’s trust in us we prove ourselves yet again as a highly reliable and quality-oriented manufacturer. With India making its way into a greener future, we strive to support India’s top EPC’s by providing the best service quality and tailor-made product features to their dynamic requirements.”

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Breaking boundaries and reaching out to futuristic technologies, GoodWe stands among the world’s largest supplier of three-phase inverters for use on Commercial and Industrial applications, according to the PV Inverter Market Tracker recently released by HIS Markit. GoodWe invest heavily in R&D, to cement itself as an industry leader and continue to deliver exceptional product designs whilst leveraging on such strategic and valued partnerships worldwide.

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