ML System launches glass anti-virus partition screens

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In the active version, we offer a glass pane which regularly heats up to the temperature of approx. 75 degrees centigrade, thus killing the germs. It should be emphasized that the antibacterial glass available in the market is not an effective tool in fighting viruses, comments Dawid Cycoń, ML System’s CEO.


The partition screens use safety glass and, in the passive version, to facilitate direct communication, an additional glass pane is used.

The first partition screens have already been installed in five Łódź outpatient clinics owned by the Poradnia Lekarzy Rodzinnych GP chain.


During the first nine months of 2019, ML System generated consolidated revenue of PLN 65.9 million, EBITDA of PLN 11.2 million and net profit of PLN 3.8 million.

ML System S.A. is a highly specialized technological company offering innovative building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions. ML System’s products are an attractive alternative to traditional building materials. The company is the Polish market leader in its industry. Moreover, according to the report penned by Global Building Integrated Photovoltaic Skylights Market 2017-2021, it is one of the top five key BIPV producers across the world. The total area of the company’s production plant and research and development center is 9.3 thousand square meters. At the end of Q3 2019 ML System had 167 employees, with 25 employed in R&D.

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