Thailand Manor and SOFARSOLAR Inverter, More Matching!


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How wonderful is it when a beautiful manor is equipped with an energy-saving and environment-friendly power station?


We may imagine such a picture in our mind: flowers and trees, full-bodied and emerald; lawn and grass-plot, picturesque as a green carpet; rivers and streams, rippling with green waves; photovoltaic panels, standing in the center, neat and uniform. People living here work at sunrise and rest at sunset. The energy needed for life comes from sunlight, which makes the sky bluer and returns the green to nature.

Such a beautiful view has become reality in the manors of Thailand.

Recently, SOFARSOLAR completed the inverter delivery to a manor project in Thailand. After commissioning, the inverter has been successfully connected to the power grid and delivered to the owner on schedule.

“With this photovoltaic power station, our manor is more amazing, thanks to the professional installation and the support of the technical service personnel of SOFARSOLAR.” The manor owner said.

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The manor project is located in Thailand, with an overall installed capacity of 15kw and three SOFARSOLAR three-phase inverters SOFAR 5.5KTL-X are selected. As a star series product of SOFARSOLAR, this series inverter adopts three-phase and two-way MPPT design, which not only has fashionable appearance, body easy to install, wide voltage range, and up to 98.3% conversion efficiency, but also integrates a number of black technologies, such as built-in anti reverse current function, sound and light alarm function, ground fault detection and other functions, but also has a number of protection functions, such as built-in anti island protection, RCMU and so on. At the same time, in order to better ensure the product quality, SOFARSOLAR adopts more strict quality control on the machine to ensure that the machine passes six  tests from the incoming material to the factory, reaching 100% qualification rate.

With these core advantages and product protection, the owner’s power station has a close guarantee.

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For the manor owner, this green energy power station not only saves the electricity fee and energy consumption for the beautiful manor, but also continuously brings green energy and additional power generation income to the owner, which can be said to be more than one stroke.

SOFARSOLAR field technicians say that this is the first time that SOFARSOLAR inverter has been applied in foreign manor projects. After debugging, the inverter operated stably, and won high praise from the owners – this is a perfect match between manors and SOFARSOLAR inverter.

Thailand, as an important part of Southeast Asian economies, has unique and rich light resources, with an average daily sunshine of 5-6.5kwh per square meter, which provides advantaged conditions for the development of Thailand’s photovoltaic market. In recent years, the photovoltaic market in Thailand has developed rapidly. As an inverter enterprise that entered Thailand earlier, SOFARSOLAR now has several inverters that have Thailand certification and fully in line with the local grid connection specifications, and its products have also been widely recognized by the local government. In the future, SOFARSOLAR will continue to expand its market in Thailand, push more stable and reliable inverters and high-quality services to thousands of households in Thailand, and create more green energy.

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