Growatt is a global leading supplier of PV inverters, storage and smart energy solutions.


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Mr. Rucas Wang, Regional Director, Growatt

Please tell us about your products and services.


Growatt is a global leading supplier of PV inverters, storage and smart energy solutions. We provides PV solutions for on-grid, off-grid, and solar storage applications as well as smart energy management. The power capacity of Growatt on-grid inverters ranges from 750W to 250 kW, and our off-grid and storage inverters cover a power range from 1 kW to 630 kW. 


Growatt provides a variety of training courses for customers, including face-to-face training workshops and online webinars. By far Growatt has established an extensive service network with 14 branch offices and 14 warehouses around the world.

Tell us something about the recent technological innovations in your products and services?

Growatt has been dedicated to R&D of PV technologies and product innovations since foundation. Our new X inverter series have a number of features that’ll make O&M easier and less costly. OLED display, touch button, all film type capacitors and patented IGBT technology will increase the lifespan of our X inverter series.

The quad core architecture in the inverter enables the inverter to gather , exchange and process information more quickly so as to provide better protection , more reliable operation and smarter O&M. Smart string monitoring, I-V curve diagnosis, smart waveform recording, one-click automatic diagnosis. All these smart functions will increase service efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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Please shed some light on the growth plans for India. Which are the key market segments that you are to target this year?

In 2019, we have doubled our sales in India. According to Annual India Solar Report Card released recently by JMK Research & Analytics, Growatt took 18% of the market share of India’s solar rooftop market and ranked No.1 among the inverter suppliers.

In 2020, we’ll continue to provide advanced and reliable PV solutions and consolidate our strong position in the rooftop sector. For C&I rooftop segment, we have introduced a range of competitive new solutions in India. Our team are actively exploring collaboration opportunities and we expect significant growth for the segment. In addition to that, we are introducing 1500V string inverter for ground-mounted solar plants. This year, we are also looking for breakthrough in that sector and targeting 300MW for 2020.

Over 2.2GW Rooftop Solar Capacity was added in India, and Growatt took the largest market share. How did you achieve this target?

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Growatt entered the Indian solar market around eight years ago, and has built strong foundation built upon product reliability and professional service, which contribute to our success in Indian rooftop solar. Growatt is a global leading inverter brand in the solar rooftop sector, and our advanced PV technologies and product reliability are very well recognized by clients and end-users around the world.

Growatt also pursues a strategy of localization and has established service center and warehouse in Hyderabad. Additionally, we have hired local Indian sales representatives and now has more than 20 Indian service engineers in 8 major cities to provide on-site services and training workshops across India.

What exciting opportunities do you see in the Indian markets?

India has huge irradiation resources and potential for solar application and is the world’s No.3 market after China and the US. Up until 29 February, India has installed a capacity of 35.07GW according to MNRE, and the country’s target is to install 100GW capacity with 38GW being rooftop solar. Such huge potentials are exciting opportunities for our company.

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How do you see your company evolving over the years?

Since foundation in 2010, Growatt has been growing fast with our competitive and advanced PV solutions for the rooftop sector. Over the years, we have been advancing PV techonologies and bringing innovations to the products. Additionally, we have extended our product lines. By far we provide a comprehensive PV solutions for residential, commercial and ground-mounted solar plants. In the future, we’ll increase our investments and strengthen our global leading position in the rooftop sector. Apart from that, we’ll continue our development of string inverters for ground-mounted solar plants.

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