MNRE Invites Consulting Firms For Implementing Plan Under One Sun One World One Grid


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India invites proposals from qualifying Consulting Firms for “Developing a long-term vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing “One Sun One World One Grid”.


A Pre-bid Meeting is scheduled  at 5 th June, 2020.The deadline for submission of pre bid queries is 15th June, 2020.Deadline for submission of proposals Online and  Hard Copy is  6th July and  8th July, 2020 respectively .

The scope of work is planned to be undertaken in a phased approach consisting of three phases viz. assessment, design & pilot followed by a full-scale roll-out. 


The proposal states that “The World Bank has extended a $625 million concessional loan to the State Bank of India (“SBI”) to finance GRPV projects. As a part of this process, SUPRABHA, a Technical Assistance program to accelerate the deployment of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar installations in the country was also commissioned. The TA Program is governed by the Steering Committee comprising MNRE, SBI and The World Bank. Basis the engagement between The World Bank and MNRE, the task of developing a vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing “One Sun One World One Grid” has been taken up by the TA Program.

 MNRE will be evaluating the proposals, selecting the implementing firm, supervising, driving all the activities and deliverables that will be implemented under this RFP by engaging the resources identified and allocated to ensure single source of communication, comprehensive review, diligent monitoring towards achieving high quality deliverables on a timely basis. 

MNRE has asked firms to send offers electronically, comprising a technical proposal and financial proposal on at or before 11:59 PM Indian Standard Time (IST), on 6th July, 2020. MNRE may at its discretion extend the deadline for the submission of proposals.

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The physical copy of the technical and financial proposals should also be delivered in two separate envelopes marked “RFP No. 322/2/2020-NSM dated for “Developing a long-term vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing “One Sun One World One Grid” and should be submitted on or before 8th July,2020. The financial proposal should be placed inside the envelope comprising the technical proposal.

The document also highlights that It may be noted that the costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiation of the contract, including visits to MNRE/Other organizations for presentation, are not reimbursable. The Proposal, as well as any and all related correspondence exchanged by the agency / bidder and MNRE, shall be in English. 

The notice stated that “ The selected Bidder is expected to commence the assignment on the date specified in the Work Order.” 

India’s Prime Minister recently called for connecting solar energy supply across borders, with the mantra of ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ (OSOWOG). The vision behind the OSOWOG mantra is “The Sun Never Sets” and is a constant at some geographical location, globally, at any given point of time. With India at the fulcrum, the solar spectrum can easily be divided into two broad zones viz. far East which would include countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia etc. and far West which would cover the Middle East and the Africa Region. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, has a critical role to play in synergizing over 140 countries, across the far east and the far west regions, to build consensus, launch energy policy imperatives and set up a framework for such a global cooperation. India, through the OSOWOG initiative, plans to take another leap towards building a global ecosystem of interconnected renewable energy resources that are seamlessly shared for mutual benefits and global sustainability.

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The initiative is planned across three phases:  Phase I (Middle East-South Asia-South East Asia (MESASEA) interconnection): Indian Grid interconnection with Middle East, South Asia and South East Asian grids to share solar and other renewable energy resources for meeting electricity needs including peak demand. For this purpose, an assessment shall be made of renewable energy potential of all countries in these regions and a study carried out so as to how they can share their renewable energy resources with each other for meeting their electricity demand including peak demand and also for rationalizing their tariffs.  Phase II (Solar and other Renewable Energy resources rich regions’ interconnection): MESASEA grid getting interconnected with the African power pools to share solar and other renewable energy power of the countries located in solar and renewable energy rich areas.  Phase III (Global interconnection): to achieve the One Sun One World One Grid vision 

To qualify for this bid the bidding entity must be a legal entity registered either in India or any other country under applicable laws. JV or Consortium is allowed (Lead partner or consortium/JV partner) of complementary functional expertise with at least one Indian firm in the JV or Consortium. JV or Consortium should include adequate expertise to demonstrate the following:  Direct experience on cross border power transmission covering multiple countries (i.e South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, China, Europe, Middle East, North America etc.,) In depth understanding of Power systems, power market, power planning, Transmission planning covering each country of interest,Direct experience in under sea transmission feasibility and experience in desert (extreme weather variation),Experience in environment and social impact assessment studies.

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The bidding entity must have experience of executing (completed on ongoing) at least 10 assignments relevant to the scope of work of this RFP in countries other than India in last 10 years (member firm or parent company credentials shall not be considered)  The bidding entity must have experience of executing (completed on ongoing) at least one assignment related to power sector aspects related to different studies across multiple countries in last 5 years in the areas of harmonization of regulation, technical standard, power market coupling and transmission pricing etc.

 The bidding entity must  also have MAAT (Average of last 3 years) to be INR 500 Crores from consulting business in India or any other country. Chartered Accountant certificate should be provided.

The Price (F) excluding all applicable taxes has to be quoted in Indian Rupee only and  Taxes should be mentioned separately.

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