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Mr. Sunil Badesra, Business Head, Sungrow (India) Private Limited

Tell us about the product which is the most preferred choice of your customers. What are the features which makes it the most preferred?


Solar projects in India have increased from 1-2 MW to 200-300 MW capacity in the utility segment over last 7-8 years. When Sungrow entered Indian market in 2014-15, the average block size were in the range of 2-4 MW with indoor inverters. During that time, we introduced our 2.5 MW containerized central inverter (SG2500) which helped customers to go for a plug and play solution without any need for building an indoor room. With that inverter, they were able to design a 5MW block size and hence got significant cost benefit on BoS. This product being an innovative solution for Indian market, it got rapid success in a short span. SG2500 is now running in various projects for a cumulative capacity of more than 1.5 GW across India. Subsequently, as project sizes became bigger, Sungrow offered another new product of 3.125 MW Central Inverter at 1500Vdc for its customers. This product gradually shifted the industry trend from 1000Vdc to 1500Vdc design. It also allowed the customers to go for a 12.5 MW block, which was the largest block and first of its kind in the Indian solar industry. As the project sizes were of large capacities, such bigger block size had considerable impact on total BoS savings with better yield. Due to its advantages, this product became much sought after in the Indian Solar market. This product is now generating clean power in all the large solar parks in India (Bhadla, Pavagada, Ananathapuramu). More than 4 GW orders have been secured for this product only in India which shows its growing acceptance among all major developers. In the rooftop segment, all our products are being sold in good numbers while 50kW and 100kW products are having the maximum shares.

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Continuing the trend of leading the industry, last year, we launched the highest rated Central Inverter SG5000UD-20 (5 MW, IP 65) and the most powerful string inverter SG250HX-IN (250 kW, 1500V) for utility market. Both, these products with latest product innovation, design upgradation while meeting the complex grid requirements, are also garnering huge interest from our esteemed customers. This has helped us to close 2 GW+ orders recently with some of the largest IPPs and EPCs in India. 

What kind of inverters are mostly used by the Indian markets and why? What are the factors which influence this choice?

Indian utility solar market is primarily dominated by Central Inverters, so far, having almost more than 85% share. For utility scale projects, various factors such as project size, terrain, site location, customer’s preference etc. determine the product selection. Sungrow believes in “Design meets Demand” and hence we help our customers to get the most optimized design and maximize their ROI with either of our central or string inverter. 

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Indian rooftop market is mainly dominated by C&I segment and hence 3 phase string inverters are commonly used for all these projects.

How has Covid-19 affected the production process for Indian markets?

Due to lockdown across India, Sungrow India Factory was also shut down as per Government’s guidelines till 3rd May, 2020. Now we have started operating in line with the advisories issued by both Central and State governments, while strictly maintaining the necessary precautions and safety measures at factory premises. The COVID-19 has had minimal impact on Sungrow’s ability to deliver inverters, so far.

Tell us about your latest three phase inverter SG25CX-SA, will it be launched in India? 

The SG25CX-SA is a new three-phase commercial inverter for Brazilian 220V market. It’s not available in India. For India C&I installations, we supply commercial inverters such as SG33/50/110CX, which have high efficiency, multiple MPPTs, PID Recovery, optimal protection level of IP66 and C5, and are compatible with bifacial modules and tracking system.

How much Solar energy is being produced by Sungrow all over the world? What according to you is the future of the solar inverter?

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Sungrow’s products and solutions are installed in over 60 countries across the globe, which can create more than 129,000 GWh of clean power per year.

We are expecting upward growth for solar inverter market as solar has become the most desired source of generation in power mix. Solar inverters are going to be more diverse and tech-innovative for complicated demand and installations. As the global energy storage market is scaling up, working together with energy storage system is going to be a prevalent trend. Sungrow can supply both PV and energy storage product portfolio considering the industry’s largest R&D team, localized sales and after-sale service, trusted production and delivery network.

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