MCL Tenders For Setting Up Solar Street Light At Odisha


Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL)  issues tender for Supply, installation and commissioning of Solar Street Light (14Watt) in Kuisira village, Basundhara Area,Odisha  under CSR scheme.


The Bid submission end date is  08/06/2020 at 17.00 pm. Last date for seeking Clarification on-line is 01/06/2020 at 17.00 pm.There is no pre-bid meeting.Bid Opening date is 10/06/2020 at 11.00 am.


Estimated Cost of Work (Including GST) is Rs.4,04,445.Along with the bids the bidder must submit Earnest Money in Rs.5100.The Period of Completion is 15 Days.: The validity period of the tenders shall be 120 days from the end date of bid submission. 


It has been stated in the document that, If number of bids received online is found to be less than three after the end date and time of bid submission then Last date of submission of Bid and Technical Bid Opening date will be extended initially for a period of two days ending at 17:00 hrs and if the number of bids still remains less than three then for another five days ending at 17:00 hrs. The auto extension shall work on the basis of the number of bids received only. 


It has been highlighted that  Joint Venture is not allowed to participate in this tender. 

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Eligibility Criteria to participate in this bid isThe bidder should possess Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Income Tax department, Govt. of India.The bidder should be either GST Registered Bidder (but not under Composition Scheme) OR GST unregistered Bidder.

The document states that, The work should be completed within the stipulated period. For the contract value upto Rs.10.00 lakh, the work shall be commenced within 10th day of issue of work order or handing over of site (if applicable), whichever is later and for the contract value more than Rs.10.00 lakh, the work shall be commenced from the next day of execution of agreement or handing over of site (if applicable), whichever is later. 

Modification of the submitted bid shall be allowed on-line only before the deadline of submission of tender and the bidder may modify and resubmit the bid on-line as many times as he may wish. Bidders may withdraw their bids online within the end date of bid submission and their EMD will be refunded. However, if the bidder once withdraws his bid, he will not be able to resubmit the bid in this tender. For withdrawal of bid after the end date of bid submission, the bidder will have to make a request in writing to the Tender Inviting Authority

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Document mentions that , 5% Performance Security should be refunded within 14 days of the issue of defect liability certificate (taking over certificate with a list of defects).All running on account bills shall be paid at 95% of work value. The balance 5% shall be treated as retention money and will be the second part of security deposit. Retention Money may be refunded against equivalent Bank Guarantee, on written request of the contractor, on its accumulation to a minimum amount of Rs 5 lakhs subject to the condition that amount of any Bank Guarantee except last one, shall not be less Rs. 5 lakhs. However, Bank Guarantee against retention money shall be with suitable validity based on the nature of work which shall be 90 days beyond the defect liability period, but in no case less than the period of one year. Bank Guarantee is to be submitted in the format prescribed by the company. Bank Guarantee shall be irrevocable and will be from Scheduled Banks.

Additional performance security shall be applicable if the bid price is below 15% of the justified price, finalized by the owner. The amount of such additional performance security shall be the difference between 85% of the owner’s justified price and quoted price. 

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This additional performance security will not carry any interest and shall be released in the following manner: i) 30% of Additional performance security will be released after 60% of the total work is completed. ii) 50% of Additional performance security will be released after 80% of the total work is completed. iii) 100% of Additional performance security will be released after total work is completed.  

The contractor shall at his own expense, provide all materials required for the work, unless otherwise specified, and the rates quoted by the contractor shall be for finished work inclusive of all materials required for completion of the work as specified in the contract. 

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