IREL Issues NIT For Setting Up 60 Kwp Solar Power Plant at Kerala


Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) issued notice inviting tender (NIT) for supply installation and commissioning of 60 Kwp Solar Power Plant at IREL, Udyogamandal,Kerela.


Along with the bid the bidders have to submit a transaction fee of Rs.2250/‐ (Plus 18% GST Extra) ,Tender document cost (TDC) of Rs.560/- and earnest money deposit of Rs.45,000/- .The approx tender value is Rs. 45,00,000.

Date of closing of online e-tender for submission of TechnoCommercial Bid & Price Bid is 22/06/2020 at 17.00 HRS.Date & time of opening of Part-I : (i.e. Techno-Commercial Bid) Part-II Price Bid: Date of opening of Part II i.e. price bid shall be informed separately 23/06/2020 – 10.00 HRS. Validity of Tender is  90 days from the date of opening of TechnoCommercial bid.


The broad scope of the work includes Design, Obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC)/Permission/Approval from Distribution Company (KSEB) for grid connectivity ,Supply, storage, civil works, Installation, Commissioning of Grid Connected 60 kWp Solar PV System with net metering facility at the Administrative Building rooftop of IREL, RED, Udyogamandal).On grid 60Kwp Solar power plant project includes design, testing, inspection, packing and forwarding, transportation up to project site, loading & unloading, storage in safe custody, erection, carrying out preliminary tests at site, Installation of necessary meters, obtaining necessary permits/approval from KSEB, performance testing and commissioning. The successful bidder shall carry out the operation and maintenance of the systems including supply of spares and consumables required if any during for a period of 5 years after commissioning, i.e during the warranty period. 

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To be eligible in participating in this tender bidder should have experience of similar supplies means supply, installation and commissioning of Solar power plant to any Govt. organization/PSU/reputed Private organization/Public entity during the last seven years ending 30.04.2020. Bidders shall submit documentary evidence like a copy of PO/WO and completion certificate/invoices any one of the followings.Bidder should complete  three similar projects , each  project should have at least 24kWp capacity. Two similar completed supplies each should have at least 30kWp capacity and One similar completed supply should have 48kWp capacity. Average annual financial turnover of bidder  during the last 3 years, ending 31st March 2019 should be at least Rs.16.5 Lakhs.

The bidder must also be in possession of the valid test certificates of Solar PV module and Power Conditioning Unit/Inverter from MNRE/IEC authorized test laboratory.

It has been stated in the document that  tenderer whose tender is not accepted shall not be entitled to claim any costs, charges, expenses of and incidental to or incurred by him through or in connection with his submission of tender, even though IREL (India) Ltd may elect to withdraw the invitation to tender.

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Document states  that the solar PV modules shall consist of a required number of Mon crystalline PV Modules (IREL reserves the right to have the modules tested in its presence prior to dispatch). The PV modules used must qualify to the latest edition of IEC PV module qualification test or equivalent BIS standards Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Modules IEC 61215/IS14286. In addition, the modules must conform to IEC 61730 Part-2- requirements for construction & Part 2 – requirements for testing, for safety qualification or equivalent IS. 

Document highlighted that , As per MNRE standards, solar power plants shall generate 4Kwh/KW/Hr. The performance ratio (PR) of the plant during the operation and maintenance period shall be evaluated on annual basis. If the plant fails to achieve the minimum requirement of 75% performance ration, pro rata reduction in the bills shall be done using the following formula. 

Bidder should note that the Power-Conditioning Unit (PCU) should contain a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), Grid side Converter and Grid side Filter e) The PCU must automatically synchronize with the grid and should shut down in case of faults and very low power generation, and wake-up automatically from shutdown. The power conditioning unit/inverter should also be DG set interactive. Inverter output should be compatible with the grid frequency. 

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