AAI Invites Bid For O&M Of 100 KW Solar Plant At Rajasthan


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The Airports Authority of India (AAI) invites bids from the eligible contractors for the work of “Operation & Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of 100 KW Solar Energy based power generating system at C.A. Jaisalmer for a period of 2 Years (2020-22).


Last date of clarification  regarding this bid is 10.06.2020 upto 1600 hrs. Last date of bid submission is 12.06.2020 upto 1800 hrs. Last date and time of submission of original BG / Demand Draft against EMD and Demand Draft against Tender Processing Fee is 17.06.2020 upto 1800 hrs. Bid Opening Date (Envelope-I) is 18.06.2020 at 1130 hrs. Bid Opening Date (Envelope-II) will be intimated later.


Along with the bid bidders must submit Tender processing fee of Rs.1120.00 (i/c GST) and Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 28,361/- in the form of Demand Draft.The Estimated cost of  this tender is Rs. 14,18,040/- Lacs (Excluding GST) and period of work is 24 Months.

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Qualifying requirements of Contractor/tenderers to participate in this bid are i) Agency should submit a valid electrical license. ii) Should have satisfactorily completed (Phase / Part completion of the scope of work in a contract shall not be considered, however pre-determined phasing of the work will be accepted) three works, each of Rs. 5,67,220 /- Lacs or two works, each of Rs. 7,09,020/- or one work of Rs. 11,34,432/- in single contract of similar nature of “Operation & Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of 100 KW Solar Energy based power generating system” during last seven years.

It has been highlighted that “Firm should submit a copy of Completion Certificate, Work Order, and Schedule of Quantities towards experience. Tenderers showing work experience certificate from non-government / non-PSU organizations should submit copy of tax deduction at sources (TDS) certificate(s) along with a certificate issued by registered Chartered Accountant, clearly specifying the name of work, total payment received against the wok and TDS amount for the work.”

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Bidder should have annualized average financial turnover of Rs. 4,25,420/- against works executed during the last three years ending 31st March of the previous financial year.The tenderee should also have a minimum net worth of Rs.4,25,420/- issued by certified chartered Accountants. 

It has been stated in the document that “Not more than one tender shall be submitted by one tenderer or tenderers having business relationship”.

Regarding the refund the document states that “The refund of EMD to bidders who fail to qualify the eligibility / technical criteria, shall be initiated within 7 days of their rejection. For all bidders who qualify and their financial bids are opened the refund of EMD of all tenderers except L-1 shall be processed within 7 days of opening of the financial bid.”

In May ,The Airports Authority of India (AAI) issued a tender for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing Commissioning of 8 MW Ground mounted, Grid connected, PV solar plant at Hubballi Airport, SH- Internal Electrification of SCADA room.The total value of tender is  Rs.21,28,074 (Excluding GST) with period of completion 03 Months.The bidder should submit  Tender processing fee of Rs. 1,120  (including GST) in the form of Demand Draft along with the bid.The bidders should also submit earnest deposit of Rs.42,561.

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