Investor From South Africa To Invest €14.25 Million In 10 MW Solar Project In Iran: Mohammad Behrouz


Mohammad Behrouz recently announced that a new investor from South Africa will invest €14.25 million on a new 10-megawatt-solar project in the province. Investors from Germany and Spain are also planning to make similar investments in South Khorasan.


According to Mohammad Behrouzi, in the past three years, three solar power plants have been inaugurated in the eastern province of South Khorasan.


The official informed that “The projects have been run using €25.21 million of investments funded by South Africa, Germany, and China.”


The data released by the Energy Ministry shows that since the bid to shift focus from fossil fuels to greener energies started in mid-2009 Iran has produced over 4.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity from renewable sources.

In recent years renewable energy has helped the country to reduce the emission of about 3 million tons of greenhouse gases.

42 percent of the country’s renewable energies come from solar power, 41 percent from wind farms, 13 percent small from hydroelectric plants, 2 percent from heat recovery, and 2 percent by biomass, according to Iran’s power sector.

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In February, To combat growing electricity concerns in the district, the Iraqi governorate of Duhok signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) earlier this month to set up the district’s first solar energy park. The project comes amid pressure on Iraq to diversify its energy sources and lessen its dependence on Iran. Two years ago, Duhok released a plan for sustainable energy. The plan included the district’s pledge to make significant cuts to greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

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