We as a group support and promote “Vocal for Local” – Akshat Doshi, Director, Vishakha Renewables


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Mr. Akshat Doshi, Director, Vishakha Renewables

Please brief our reader about the products & services provided by Vishakha Renewables.


Vishakha Renewables is one of the largest EVA and Backsheet manufacturers in India. Currently we have 1.5 GW capacity of EVA and 3.5 GW capacity of back sheet manufacturing facility. 


We use proven premium raw materials and manufacture best in quality EVA & Backsheet.Our customer’s module with Vishakha EVA & BS has been ranked as “Top Performer” for 3 consecutive years by DNV-GL.

We are backed with a strong R&D and customer support team providing after sales service and making customized products.

What are the technological advancements that have happened in this business category?

We are adopting to the technological advancements and continuously working with our customers in developing new products.

Few of the recent advancements are for Bifacial modules, recently we have launched POE encapsulants & Transparent Backsheet.

Even with the decreasing trend of cost/watt of solar modules, we are consistent in our product quality rather, improving in quality

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Which gives confidence to our customers to provide extended warranty on their modules.

Also we have developed white EVA for increased power output of the solar module by increasing the internal reflection.

What are some of the milestones by your company in the past year?

Our customer’s module with Vishakha EVA & BS has been ranked as “Top Performer” for 3 consecutive years by DNV-GL.

We started with Fast cure type EVA, then Ultra Fast and now had reached Mega Fast Cure EVA, thereby increasing the productivity at our customer end.

We have back sheets for 1000 & 1500 V system, including transparent type and colored type back sheets.

In short period of time, we have developed many products as per the market and customer requirements. 

We have supplied around 900 MW of EVA 700 MW of Back sheets to Tier-1 customer in last year. 

We have gained confidence of many customers on us and on our products. This drives us to invest on expansion of our manufacturing capacity.

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With the new “Vocal for Local”, how do you see Vishakha Renewables growing with this notion?

We as a group support and promote “Vocal for Local”. Earlier almost all of our raw materials were to be imported, 

but we have decided to develop local manufacturers and working jointly with them and have developed some local manufacturers and still few are being imported. 

We also have a general appeal to promote India products, good demand in EVA & BS will be make many companies to invest in raw material manufacturing in India, which will also be cost effective. We also provide employment to around 100+ in Kutch District, Mundra through our renewable business and with our expansion plans in few months it will be around 300+.

How do you see your evolve over the years?

We are also starting production of new plant “Vishakha Metals” which Aluminium frame by Sep 2020 in Mundra. This will be the biggest aluminium extrusion and largest state of art anodizing plant in India. Over the years we have plans to expand our EVA manufacturing up to a total of 4.5 GW capacity, with adding 1.5 GW within a year.

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