Technology to generate solar energy continues to evolve and its global reach does not stop


Innovation in photovoltaic equipment technology continues to grow and its rate of expansion has not stopped despite the strong pandemic. On August 8th, 9th and 10th, the largest Solar Fair in the world SNEC 2020 was held in Shanghai, China. During the event, the latest innovations in equipment for photovoltaic systems were presented and conferences were held where data and predictions for the expansion of the solar sector in the world.


China has become the leading country for the manufacture of photovoltaic equipment, its high quality and competitive prices have led them to the forefront as the number 1 supplier globally. Ginlong Solis is one of the largest and most experienced string inverter manufacturing companies in the world, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 300763.SZ). Solis inverters are recognized for their high quality, optimization for each local market and the profitability they offer to their clients.

Due to the situation the world is going through and the impossibility for many people in the photovoltaic sector to attend the exhibition in Shanghai, Solis organized its virtual version of Solis SNEC to receive its clients from all over the world virtually. From August 6th to 15th, virtual visitors to Solis will be able to learn about its broad product portfolio and its family of inverters with a range from 700W to 255kW, for residential, commercial industrial and utility applications.

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During the event, a 360 ° virtual tour can be taken to see the exhibition of the Solis stand. There will also be data lectures on the latest smart energy innovations, training sessions, and the opportunity to have live online meetings with the Solis team.


To attend the virtual event, you must register at the following link: or through the social networks of solismexico on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The world is embracing solar energy as one of the most efficient and competitively priced green solutions. Solis is always improving its products to offer, from homeowners to large utility companies, investors with the highest reliability and profitability.

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