OnDemand: Floating Solar Projects: Design, Engineering & Construction


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Why Attend This Masterclass?

Installing solar power systems on water bodies is an emerging trend in the energy transition, especially in geographies with limited land availability. Floating solar is an emerging concept that makes use of a portion of surface water bodies for siting grid-tied solar energy systems. As PV system prices fall and reliability improves, there is more and more pressure to find suitable sites for grid-tied centralized systems, especially in areas where land use is a critical restraint, and FPV offers an attractive alternative to land-based systems.


Floating Solar Projects: Design, Engineering & Construction (ASIA) masterclass will provide an overview by domain on Latest Floating Solar Technologies, Deployment Strategies, Bankability Perspective and much more. This class will occur in two sessions describing details in project planning, designing, techno-commercial feasibility assessment, challenges and their mitigation in procurement and construction.

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