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About This Masterclass


Green energy trading is an emerging topic within the power sector that has received relatively little attention to date. Indeed, the phrases “renewable energy” and “power trading” are rarely found in the same sentence. In many markets around the world, intermittent renewable energy sources — primarily wind and solar — are gaining an increasing share of electricity supply, mainly at the expense of coal and nuclear power. Green energy trading can be considered the next era of power trading. For those currently involved in power trading, it’s likely that upgrades in systems responsible for data collection, processing and reporting will be required. Given how quickly renewable energy is increasing share in power markets worldwide, this is not a trend where power traders can afford to lag behind, as any current capability gaps will only widen as time passes. Green Energy Market & Trading masterclass aimed to provide a holistic understanding on:

  • Policy and Regulatory Implications to Encourage Green Energy Market
  • Green Energy Market Structure & Trading Derivatives
  • The Green Energy Trading Mechanisms & The Exchange Functioning
  • Risk in the Energy Trading and Its Effective Management

Who should attend?

The masterclass aims to address new challenges in terms solar contract, contract management and administration, power purchase agreement, project bidding, equipment procurement pros and cons and assessing the risks involved in the solar sector.This knowledge intensive forum, designed for mid and senior management professionals, will focus on imparting latest knowledge on key business trends and & updates necessary for:

* Project Manager
* Contracts Head
* Procurement Heads 
* Business Heads
* Finance Heads 
* Legal Heads
* Others stakeholders

A combination of presentations by invited speakers, case study sessions, and discussion sessions reviewing recent developments make this virtual class a must attend for you and your team members.

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