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OnDemand: EV Battery Swapping Infrastructure: Planning, Implementation, & Techno-Commercials


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Why Attend This Masterclass?

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) offer the potential to reduce both oil imports and greenhouse gas emissions, but high upfront costs, battery-limited vehicle range, and concern over high battery replacement costs may discourage potential buyers.A subscription model in which a service provider owns the battery and supplies access to battery swapping infrastructure could reduce upfront and battery replacement costs with a predictable monthly fee, while expanding BEV range. The construction of battery swap infrastructure is the prerequisite and basis for the rapid and healthy development of electric vehicle (EV) industry, and the development and applications of battery swap technologies is one of the most important factors for the construction of EV infrastructure. 


EMobility+ presents you a comprehensive online masterclass on Battery swapping infrastructure: Planning, implementation, & Techno-Commercials to figure out the fundamentals of EV battery swapping station setup, its advantage over conductive and inductive charging and assessing its commercial viability.This masterclass will bring experts from multiple domains – Battery Swap Technology Provider, EV OEMs, Fleet Operator and EV Testing Agency to discuss following questions:

  • Has battery swapping technology enough proved its techno- commercial feasibility and reliability?
  • If and what standardization is required to build right consensus in OEMs and battery swapping infra providers for hassle free end-use by individuals and fleet operators and scaled up adoption? 
  • With new amendment by Ministry of Power (dated 8th June, 2020) which has now recognised battery swapping technology, what further next steps and suggestions for its inclusion in various EV policies?
  • Which business model to adopt in view of getting maximum ROI?
  • What are the key installation and operational challenges and finding out ways of mitigation?

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