OnDemand: Masterclass on Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): Contract Structuring, Regulatory, Legal & Tax- Challenges & Solutions


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Why Attend This Masterclass?

The demand for the development of large, medium and small scale renewable projects is growing and in turn Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA) are evolving. All energy users are looking to explore the benefits of CPPAs as part of their business energy plan and net-zero targets will benefit from this webinar.The global power markets are rapidly evolving and transitioning towards ever-increasing quantities of clean energy – power purchase agreements allow both IPP power producers and buyers to obtain long-term security to sell and buy renewable energy. For both generators and buyers of renewable energy power purchase agreements need to address their individual circumstances and risks.


This highly specific course aims to introduce the legal, financial and technical structure and hidden pitfalls of PPAs as a means for Sellers and Buyers to minimise their exposure to volatility of price and volume. The structure of PPAs will be thoroughly dissected and put into context of the overall risk assessment of the project transaction. We will compare all types of PPAs, their different tariff structure based on either costs or market price and the implication for the seller and buyer.


If your business is taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and contribute towards climate action whilst protecting the bottom line. Our class will arm you with knowledge required to assess how CPPAs will benefit your business and explore the mechanisms available and route to success.

Who should attend?

Our class is designed for individuals / teams at commercial, industrial and public sector businesses typically spending crores on utilities per annum and with responsibility for buying, using or managing utilities or ensuring compliance with energy and carbon legislation and reporting.

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