OnDemand: Public EV Charging Plazas: Project Planning, Construction & Techno-Commercial


Underlining the need for India to switch to electric power in the mobility space, charging infrastructure support is the key. The number of electric vehicles is growing, and with it the demand for charging. As a result, in addition to regular charging stations, charging plazas are starting to become more prevalent. With a focus on enhancing energy efficiency and promoting e-mobility, India is ready with first of its kind public EV Charging Plaza. As availability of charging facilities at public places is the key prerequisite for adoption and roll-out of electric vehicles (EV).


This Masterclass on Project Design & Techno-Commercial Setup For Public EV Charging Plazas will deliver insights into planning an effective financial strategies for rolling out a robust public charging infrastructure, recent technology trends and their effective adoption in constructing a commercially viable public charging plaza.


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