OnDemand: Masterclass on Bifacial + Tracker PV Projects ASIA: Design, Engineering & Techno-Commercial


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Why Attend This Masterclass?

Bifacial PV modules promise significant improvement in performance and life-cycle costs by capturing solar light on both sides of the module. Thus Bifacial PV projects are becoming main-stream with more and more GWs being installed. However, project design approaches need to be adapted to make the most of this technology.


Join us for our online Masterclass on September 26th, 2020 at 11.30 am onward to learn more about bifacial PV project designing and deployment strategy and connect with industry leaders and experts. This masterclass looks at how projects need to be planned, designed, built, and maintained to be optimised for bifacial technology in the Asian market.

Join this masterclass to:

  • Understand the main characteristics of bifacial projects that you need to consider in your design: size and height of the modules; picking the right location and avoiding shadowing.
  • The economics of bifacial PV: consider how to design your system to optimize the 20% extra LCOE, while keeping CAPEX and OPEX as low as possible.
  • Hear how to treat ground albedo (amount of solar radiance) to maximize back reflectivity of the panel and other factors you should consider for optimizing rear irradiance.

Who Must Attend?

  • Independent Power Producers
  • Utility Scale Energy Producers/ Developers
  • EPCs and System Integrators
  • Project O&M
  • Financial Institutions and Investors

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