TPCODL Facilitates Uninterrupted Power Supply for Pallahara Consumers During Monsoon

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The rising water levels of Brahmani river, over the years, during monsoon, has often led to power supply shut down for at least two months in Pallahara region in Odisha however, this year was an exception. TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd. (TPCODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, overcame this challenge by raising the height of the 33 kV Pallahara – Barkote power conductor over Brahmani river by 4 metres from its original position.


The main objective behind this development was to facilitate uninterrupted power supply for the Pallahara consumers and provide them a much needed relief from this troubled situation.


Pallahara substation draws power from the Barkote grid at 33 kV Level for distribution to its consumers in the region. This 33 kV Barkote – Pallahara feeder crosses Brahmani river on its route. During monsoon, water level of the river rises to the level of 33 kV power conductors. This contact of the power conductor with the Brahmani river water forced to shut down the feeder for few months during monsoon till the water level decreases to a safe distance from the conductor.

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Speaking on this occasion, Mr M. Shenbagam, Chief Executive Officer, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited said, “The magnitude of power disruptions in Pallahara is highly significant, especially, at a time when supply exceeds the demand of the State due to lockdown triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. This issue was long outstanding as the possible solutions involved skill job & investment and continuous longer duration outage to Pallahara consumers as well as a part of WESCO consumers.


By increasing the height of the Barkote grid to safe levels, we aim to offer a reliable power supply to these consumers. We are proud of our unique engineering modification of the towers framework standing on both sides of the river, which helped us resolve this issue with an economical expenditure and save the customers from extensive power shutdown period.”

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