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Solaria Filed a Complaint Against Canadian Solar (CSIQ) with ITC

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Following a lawsuit filed in March against Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ) in the Northern District of California, the US company headquartered in Fremont, California Solaria Corporation today announced that it has filed a claim against Canadian Solar with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

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Suvi Sharma, founder and director of Solaria, said: “Solaria owns more than 250 patents and has invested more than US$200 million in the development of our advanced solar panel technology. Although we have filed a pending lawsuit in the District Court, Canadian Solar still deliberately Misappropriating Solaria’s intellectual property rights. It is unfair to allow infringing companies to take advantage of the emptiness (as Canadian Solar did), use our patented inventions, and threaten employment opportunities in the United States. We filed a lawsuit with ITC because Canadian Solar I think I can be above the law. Its anti-competitive behavior must be corrected.”

According to Solaria’s complaint, Canadian Solar’s ​​“HiDM” tile modules infringe Solaria’s US patents, which cover paved or so-called “tile” solar modules, and Solaria separates photovoltaic (PV) panels from solar cells. It is used for the patented manufacturing process of this type of module. Solaria asserted that when Canadian Solar representatives evaluated Solaria’s next-generation tile technology for potential licensing contracts, Solaria introduced its high-efficiency, high-density module (HDM) technology to Canadian Solar. Soon thereafter, Canadian Solar launched HiDM tile modules and began advertising and sales in the United States. Solaria is seeking an exclusion order to prevent Canadian Solar from importing infringing products into the United States.

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Solaria board member TJ Rodgers said: “As the founder and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor for 34 years, I have filed dozens of lawsuits against large companies that believe they can do whatever they want. I am actively participating in Solaria. A lawsuit filed by Canadian Solar against ITC. ITC is an American organization that creates a level playing field for startups like Solaria.”

Solaria CEO Tony Alvarez explained: “Solaria has spent years researching and developing technology. Many companies in the industry (including companies from China) have obtained Solaria technology licenses and recognized the value of Solaria’s intellectual property rights. To protect ourselves and Our valued partner, Solaria will actively defend our intellectual property rights from any infringers.”

ITC is expected to review the case and launch an investigation within 30 days. If the investigation finds that Canadian Solar products infringe Solaria’s patents, ITC will issue an exclusion order to prevent Canadian Solar from importing and selling tile modules in the United States, and preventing the installation or repair of infringing imported tile modules.

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