Solar Energy for Lease: Aggreko Announces New Offer to Enable its Customers to Benefit From Cost Savings and Reduced Emissions


Aggreko, the world’s leading provider of mobile energy, temperature control and modular power services, today announced the immediate availability of its solar rental offering. The 1 MW photovoltaic solution is optimized for low-power or off-grid applications and enables customers to benefit from clean and innovative energy technology without long-term financial or technical commitment.


Aggreko Solar Power can be rented without an initial investment. The deployment time is three to four months. The system requires little investment in operation and maintenance, and is well suited for use in harsh and remote environments. The duration of contracts begins at five years, which provides great flexibility in the event of changes in business activities or market conditions.


The new system integrates seamlessly with the company’s battery storage products and thermal generators. All three resources are managed by intelligent software using a single control system. The result is a high performance hybrid system that runs more efficiently, uses much less fuel in combination with back-up generators, and has a much lower carbon footprint.

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“Aggreko Solar Power is designed to facilitate deployment both in physical terms, through relatively fast off-grid implementation, as well as in financial terms, without requiring significant upfront costs,” said Karim Wazni , Managing Director , Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions. “Our goal is to offer the widest and most flexible range of mobile and modular solutions, including off-grid renewable energy systems like this, as a plug-and-play service for short-term needs. or long term. “


Our Photovoltaic (PV) panels feature a single axis tracking system to maximize power production, while allowing for a more stable and predictable yield curve. They follow the sun closely, from east to west, as it moves across the sky. Using a tracking system increases the amount of power supplied by 10-20% without exceeding the maximum penetration of PV power, saving more fuel without compromising the stability of the system. By combining PV string inverters with containerized controls, the system offers even greater reliability and resiliency with reduced installation time.

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Aggreko Solar Power has been successfully installed at the the Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia. The new hybrid system is powered by more than 23,000 solar panels, powered by a 2 MW / 1 MWh battery system and the 27 MW Aggreko gas power plant. This innovative solution will reduce the mine’s fuel consumption by 10-13%, which would be equivalent to removing 2,000 cars from the road.

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