Technical White Paper: Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis


A PV plant features a large number of PV modules and a wide footprint. Various types of faults may occur at different locations throughout a PV system. Efficiently, rapidly, and accurately detecting and handling such faults during plant operation is one of the major challenges for plant O&M. So, Huawei collaborated with leading testing and certification organization China General Certification Center (CGC) released the String PV Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Technical White Paper to enable the industry to better understand online I-V scanning and smart diagnosis technology. The white paper describes in detail the development background, technical features, and performance of existing technologies for I-V scanning and smart diagnosis, with the following aims:

(1) Provide reference for power plant development enterprises and other parties to accurately understand and use the Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis function.
(2) Provide a basis for enterprises that develop or apply the technology to improve their own technology based on current trends and changing application requirements.

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