Sunstyle Production Plant Aims To Supply 1 GW of Solar Tiles by 2025


The Sunstyle® production plant was officially launched, in the presence of the French Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili. The Minister was able to discover the various facets of the manufacturing of “Made in France” solar tiles in Châtellerault, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The production plant is aiming to supply 1 GW of solar tiles by 2025.


An innovative and French-made solar tile to support the energy transition
The Sunstyle® tile is a textured glass sheet protecting solar cells. It thus transforms sunlight into clean and unlimited electrical energy. Its production capacity is 115Wp for a black tile and 85Wp for a colored one. In addition, Sunstyle® was distinguished among the first solutions labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an innovative and viable technology to protect the environment.


A watertight and esthetic solar tile that meets the highest standards
As well as ensuring a roof’s traditional functions, such as being waterproof and allowing rain to naturally run off it, Sunstyle® technology combines the production of solar electricity and contemporary esthetics respecting regional traditions. This solution aims to comply with the stringent requirements of “Architectes des Bâtiments de France” (who ensure that historic buildings and areas are not spoiled), notably in protected areas. Lastly, this technology has been certified by the TÜV Rheinland and approved by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building), i.e. the most stringent French and international specifications in terms of construction and frame elements. It is thus ready to be deployed worldwide.


Easy to use, Sunstyle® offers long-term savings for the building
The Sunstyle® solar tile combines two functions in one product: watertightness and energy production. The tiles’ size (870 x 870 mm, or a little under 3 ft by 3 ft) makes them simple and quick to install. They require almost no maintenance and are an extremely long-lasting construction element. As such, they represent long-term savings for the building, as it is estimated that the total cost of the equipment is amortized after 10 to 14 years.

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France Pavilion at the Dubai Universal Exhibition, a springboard for export sales
Sunstyle® technology has been chosen by the COFREX (Compagnie Française des Expositions, or French exhibition company) to be incorporated within the façades of the France Pavilion at the Dubai Universal Exhibition. Over a six-month period, France will highlight its ideas, assets and talents that contribute to positioning France as an international driving force in the implementation of sustainable development objectives and foundation of the world of tomorrow. On this occasion, Erik Linquier and Jean-Luc Perez, respectively Commissioner-General and Architect of the France Pavilion, were able to present to the ministerial delegation the models and new 3D images of the Pavilion, which itself will be innovative and virtuous from its design through to its use, notably thanks to the solar PV tiles that will produce enough energy to ensure the building is virtually energy autonomous.

A third-party financing solution through the production and sale of electricity
Sunstyle® and the Banque des Territoires are currently working on a “turnkey” solution that will be offered to public and private players to facilitate the financing of photovoltaic roofs. The sale of the electricity produced would guarantee these players a third-party financing mechanism for the construction or renovation of their roofs, as well as for their maintenance. This innovation would also encourage the development of new professions (design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic roofs).
The ecological and energy transition is one of the priority axes of the Banque des Territoires’ recovery plan. It provides financial support to projects that participate in the deployment of the public policies in the environment, energy and sustainable development fields, as is the case with Sunstyle®.

Barbara Pompili, French Minister of Ecological Transition:
“As you know, the BIPV sector benefits from a feed-in tariff that is revised every quarter. To support the sector, we have decided to considerably limit the decrease on the tariff this quarter. But more than that, the development of solar roof energy is also a question of aesthetics. That’s why I am proud to announce that we are going to give a boost to the BIPV sector with the granting of a bonus for those who choose these technologies in 2020 and 2021.”

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Eric Scotto, Chairman of Sunstyle International:
“Sunstyle International believes in the power of innovation in respect of renewable energies for a transition that truly serves regional characteristics. Convinced of the pertinence of roof-integrated solar power in terms of the energy transition, we thus hope to contribute more broadly to meeting our climate targets throughout the country while creating new strategic jobs.”

André Posnansky, Owner of Sunstyle SA, creator of the Sunstyle tile:
“What does Sunstyle® entail: Weather protection combined with energy generation and aesthetics. Existing and new roofs can be used for the production of renewable energy. Sunstyle® gives these surfaces a new, future-oriented function.”

Bertrand Piccard, Explorer, Psychiatrist, Inspirational speaker, and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation:
“Sunstyle solar tiles combine environmental protection with long-term profitability. It is a perfect illustration of the type of solutions I promote through the Solar Impulse Label. Even if the climate emergency did not exist, it would be a logical solution for the building sector. Moreover, thanks to their aesthetics, there is no longer any reason not to deploy them on a large scale and accelerate the energy transition.”

Erik Linquier, General Commissioner for France at Expo 2020 Dubai and Chairman of COFREX and Jean-Luc Perez, architect of the France Pavilion at the Dubai Universal Exhibition:
“I warmly congratulate Akuo and its technological innovation Sunstyle®, that contributes to providing effective solutions for an energy transition, decisive for our territories’ economic developments. This technology has convinced Cofrex to choose Sunstyle® for the entire roof and facade of the France Pavilion; and I would like to congratulate Akuo for enabling us to meet our needs for sustainability, energy autonomy and aesthetics of the France Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo. This international event will be the world’s largest event in 2021. The France Pavilion will gather companies, economic players, and local authorities whose aim is to contribute together to the economic rebound to which we all aspire. I am pleased to count Akuo among these partners, and as a major player in the revival and promotion of French excellence internationally.”

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Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe:
“The Sunstyle solar tile is a state-of the-art product, combining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar BIPV products, with an attractive aesthetic element, further proving Europe is the worldleader in innovative solar applications. Achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal requires creative and inventive solutions, and the Sunstyle tile contributes to a climate-neutral future for the EU. The Sunstyle factory opening comes at a crucial time for the European solar sector, boosting manufacturing of a strategic product and creating important new jobs as the European Commission launches a European Renovation wave and we move towards a Green Recovery.”


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