MNRE Issues Guidelines for Tariff Based Bidding for Wind- Solar Hybrid Projects


Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) issued Guidelines for Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Process for procurement of power from Grid Connected Wind Solar Hybrid Projects .


Some of the guidelines are as below: 


Individual minimum size of the project allowed is 50 MW at one site and a single bidder cannot bid for less than 50 MW. Further, the rated power capacity of one resource (wind or solar) will be at least 33% of the total contracted capacity.


A bidder is allowed to bid for a minimum 50 MW project at one site. The Procurer can also choose to specify the maximum capacity that can be allotted to a single bidder including its Affiliates. The maximum capacity for a single bidder or company or group of companies can be fixed by the Procurer keeping in mind factors such as economies of scale, land availability, expected competition and need for development of the market.


For procurement of wind solar hybrid power, the tariff quoted by the bidder will  be the bidding parameter. The Procurer may select either of the following kinds of tariff based bidding: (a) fixed tariff in Rs./kWh for 25 years or more or (b) escalating tariff in Rs.!kWh with pre-defined quantum of annual escalations fixed in Rs./kWh and number of years from which such fixed escalation will be provided. The procurer can also opt for an e-reverse auction for final selection of bidders, in such a case, this will be specifically mentioned in the notice inviting bids and bid documents. The procurer may disclose in the RfS, the prevailing incentives available to the HPGs. 

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The PPA must contain provisions with regard to force majeure definitions, exclusions, applicability and available relief on account of force majeure, as per the industry standards. The HPG mustl intimate the Procurer about the occurrence of force majeure within 1 5 days of the start of the force majeure and the Procurer will take a decision on his claim within 15 days of the receipt of the intimation.

To know more about the guidelines refer to the document below:

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