ALSA Solar Has Completed Over 100 Projects In The UAE, MiddleEast And North Africa, Karel De Winter, Alsa Solar Systems


SolarQuarter Middle East magazine interviewed Karel De Winter, General Manager, Alsa Solar Systems and found out about the company’s recent successful contributions to the industry and how better technology is making its way into the Middle East Solar sector.


A word about your recent successful contributions to this industry? What has been your biggest challenge so far?

There have been multiple challenges from permitting limitations, increased low cost
competition and establ ishing an expert knowledge base in the UAE, however I would say that building the confidence in solar as a genuine reliable and competitive addition to the Commercial and Industrial toolbox is our biggest and ongoing achievement.


Are we seeing a major push towards better & smarter technology in the solar sector?


Definitively, if one looks at the PV panel efficiencies and the amazing new products that are getting launched, one can only be optimistic about the value proposition to the client and the strong drive that exists in the industry for innovation and growth.

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What do you think about the solar sector in the Middle east? In your view what is needed to strengthen the growth of the solar sector in the Middle East?

To strengthen the growth, there is still a big mountain of work to spread the word of what solar can do…The utilities play a major role in this as without a legal framework any growth may be stumped. And finally education and training of an expert knowledge base is to be done. Solar is to be taught in Arabic so many more people can get access to it.

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