Our Solar PV Project Will Deploy Over 146,000 Solar Panels Covering An Area Of Around 45 Football Fields, Jen Tan, Sembcorp Industries


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Ms.Jen Tan, Head of Solar Singapore & Sea Sembcorp Industries in her interview with SolarQuarter ASEAN magazine, shared about the company’s technology, sustainability solutions and floating solar projects.


What do customers look for when they approach Sembcorp to help them address their sustainability ambition?

As a one-stop provider of sustainable solutions, Sembcorp customers come to us for our trusted and proven solar capabilities as well as our ability to customise and scale other
environmental solutions that can help them meet their green targets. Customers want a partnership that can endure the test of time, hence they choose Sembcorp as we are able to deliver on time and on target every time.

A significant milestone was achieved by Sembcorp by undertaking one of the world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems projects. Tell us more about it.

Earlier this year, Sembcorp was appointed by PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, to design, build, own and operate a 60MWp floating solar photovoltaic (PV) system on Tengeh Reservoir. This is a milestone not just for Sembcorp but also for Singapore in building one of the world’s largest inland floating solar PV systems. This project will not only help to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and thus carbon emissions, but also builds national climate resilience for a more sustainable future.

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Set for completion in 2021, this project will deploy over 146,000 solar panels covering an area of around 45 football fields. The solar PV system will generate enough energy to meet the day to-day energy needs of PUB’s five local water treatment plants, making Singapore one of the few countries in the world to go green for water treatment.

Tell us more about the Sembcorp renewable energy certificate (REC) platform which we heard is the first aggregator platform in Singapore.

The Sembcorp REC aggregator platform is a core technology offering within Sembcorp’s suite of urban sustainability solutions. This digital platform is part of the sustainability solutions that Sembcorp offers to help customers meet their sustainability needs. Through our Sembcorp REC platform, businesses and individuals can buy, sell or retire RECs online.

Our Sembcorp REC platform is powered by blockchain technology, so customers can be assured of transparency, integrity and security of every transaction. The REC dashboard
provides real-time tracking and management of every transaction covering a REC’s life cycle, so this makes it a convenient portfolio management tool.

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