BCPG Reveals That PP Believes in Exercising the Right to Subscribe for Newly Issued Shares; Ready to Pay for the Shares


“BCPG” announces a specific sale of shares to specific investors (PP), including Pilgrim Partners Asia (Pte.) Ltd. and Capital Asia Investment. (Capital Asia Investments Pte. Ltd.) exercise the right to subscribe for newly issued shares And paid for the purchase of shares, total value 4,502.25 million baht


Mr. Bundit Saphianchai, President of BCPG Public Company Limited, disclosed that the Company’s newly issued ordinary shares. In the Private Placement (PP) offering, 195.75 million shares were allocated to Pilgrim Partners Asia (Pte.) Ltd., representing 195.75 million shares. Is 5.93% of paid-up capital and 195.75 million shares of Capital Asia Investments Pte.Ltd., Accounting for 5.93%; At the rate of 2.1924 capital increase shares per 1 warrant, the conversion price is 8 baht, term of 1 year, the exercise ratio is 1: 1, which is set to subscribe and pay for the newly-issued ordinary shares on November 11, 2020 appear. That both companies have exercised their rights and made payment for the purchase of newly issued shares

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The offering price is 11.50 baht per 391.5 million newly issued ordinary shares, totaling 4,502.25 million baht, without the offering value of BCPG-W3 warrant and with the exercise price of BCPG warrant- W3 at 8.00 baht per share for 178.6 million units, total exercise value of 1,428.80 million baht, or the average offering price of 10.40 baht per share, which is an offering at a price less than 90 percent of the market price. The allocation of shares therefore is subject to being prohibited from selling shares within the specified period (Silent Period) according to the announcement of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


“In response to this sale of PP shares to Pilgrim Partners Asia and Capital Asia Investments, the company will receive an immediate amount of 4,502.25 million baht and from the exercise of the warrants. The right to BCPG-W3 is 1428.80 million baht, reflecting investor confidence. For the growth potential of BCPG Which is committed to business development for stable and sustainable growth, “Mr. Bundit concluded.

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