Plüm Energie And Akuo Join Forces To Supply Green And Local Electricity To Committed French Organizations And Businesses

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Plüm energie, supplier of green, local and general interest electricity, and Akuo, producer of renewable and decentralized energy, announce the signing of 7 electricity supply contracts with players committed to building a fairer model of society firmly focused on protecting the environment. The aim is to provide a response to two major 21st century
challenges: successful energy and agricultural transitions.


An enlightened electron Multifaceted (NGO, SME, midcaps) and operating in various areas of society (i.e. agriculture, insurance, education, humanitarian aid, industry, culture, etc.), these players are committing, via these contracts, to encouraging the emergence of new means of producing local and decentralized renewable energy. They are thus contributing to creating value in France by promoting the creation of local jobs, social insertion and the transition to organic farming.


The signatories:

  • ACTED, French NGO committed to international humanitarian relief,
  • FUTURAe, school of creative industries,
  • C’Juste, alternative and community-based fruit and vegetable distribution network,
  • Filhet-Allard & Cie, independent insurance brokerage group,
  • CinéFrance, live entertainment production company
  • Atawey, manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations,
  • La Ferme du Bec Hellouin, organic farm and permaculture school.

Plüm energie and Akuo are intensifying their partnership For Plüm energie and Akuo, the signing of these contracts represents another step in their respective development by opening the door to the sale of renewable energy by mutual agreement. This also
perfectly illustrates the pertinence of the partnership between the two companies, who produce and supply renewable energy, to work together to make the renewable energy sector more readable and energy supply offers more transparent.


Aurélien Daunay, Vice CEO Finance, Innovation and Investment at ACTED:
“As a humanitarian player helping over 20 million vulnerable people in some of the most remote regions of the planet, we’re also seeking to step up actions in favor of the environment. This goal of contributing to a “Triple Zero” (“Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty”) world is reflected in our global sourcing and investment policy. Within this framework, we recently chose Plüm energie and Akuo to supply green, local and general interest electricity to our Parisian premises following a market analysis. This initiative, combined with the decision we adopted in September to offset our travelrelated emissions associated with flights undertaken by our international teams or the recycling of almost 3 metric tons of our office waste for the last 3 years, boosts our efforts to offset some 10% of our annual emissions, a first step towards becoming carbon neutral!”

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Virginie Calmels, CEO, SHOWer Compagny & CVeducation:
“We felt it was natural for FUTURAe, a school focusing on tomorrow’s professions, to consume green energy, so we are using Plüm energie and Akuo for the Boulogne Billancourt campus – green energy should itself generate future professions and also help us meet the challenge of sustainable development that we feel is an essential one and which we address at our school.”

Pierre Priolet, founder of C’Juste:
“C’juste Paris is highlighting its ethic and the result of farmers’ work thanks to Plüm energie and Akuo!”

Julien Deris, CEO and Producer at CinéFrance Studios:
“We cannot be in favor of the energy transition and what it involves without gradually changing our choices as solutions arise, although it is hard to fight the inertia of habits. Plüm energie provides simple, economically-viable and locally-based “green” electricity solutions. In the wake of Akuo, which for some years now has been at the forefront of both large-scale and small-scale initiatives and innovations, we have therefore chosen Plüm energie, which is furthermore a socially-responsible company, so an example to follow.”

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Charles Hervé Gruyer, co-founder of the Ferme du Bec Hellouin:
“At the Ferme du Bec-Hellouin farm, achieving carbon neutrality has become an obsession! We are seeking to reduce our energy consumption and replace fossil fuels by organic resources by all possible means. With this in mind, choosing a green electricity supplier like Plüm energie was a vital component of our strategy.”

Grégory Allard, President of Filhet-Allard & Cie:
“Filhet-Allard has been a pioneer in the insurance of renewable energies and has been supporting the sector since the early 2000s. The preservation of our environment is a major element in the decisions that are taken to manage our company and the choice of a green energy company is a further step in our CSR approach. Akuo has trusted us since its creation in 2007 and we have been doing so worldwide for the past 13 years. In turn, we are delighted to place our trust in Akuo and Plüm energie to provide the energy our group needs to continue our development.”

Jean-Michel Amaré, Chairman and CEO of Atawey, says:
“As a longstanding player in the field of green hydrogen in France and the ecological transition, it is only natural for Atawey to work with Akuo and Plüm energie. We are now lighting our premises and powering our work tools thanks to the green energy supplied by Plüm energie. Hence, in keeping with our positioning as a leading player in green hydrogen stations, we are designing, manufacturing and testing our products while minimizing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, Atawey and Akuo have already been working together for some time to promote carbon-free mobility, as within the framework of the Last Mile project. This energy from renewable sources allows us to produce
green hydrogen by electrolysis in the hydrogen refueling stations manufactured by Atawey.”

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For Eric Scotto, Chairman and co-founder of Akuo:
“We are proud to be able to partner, alongside Plüm energie, these companies and organizations that are exemplary and committed in their own fields to a fairer and more solidarity-based world. They are showing the way forward by choosing, each on their own level, to accelerate the energy transition.”

Vincent Maillard, co-founder and CEO of Plüm energie, concludes:
“We are proud that these distinguished and committed players have chosen Plüm energie to supply their electricity. This shows that our foothold in the social and solidarity-based economy and our desire to accelerate the reduction in people’s energy consumption is being echoed within the ecosystem. We now want to go a step further and attract more and more clients – individuals, communities and professionals – to provide them with the means to take action on their own level to help the energy transition, by providing them with 100% green and 100% local energy, but also and more importantly by

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