MASE to Operate, Maintain And Manage AL Kawn’s Solar PV Plants


MASE signs operations, maintenance and asset management contract for two commercial wheeling solar PV plants

  • The commercial plants are located in the cities of Al Sult and Ras Al Naqab 
  • The plants are connected to the distribution network and will feed to the respective grids via a wheeling arrangement
  • One of the few regional examples of solar plants installed with bi-facial solar PV panels
  • MASE will carry out a turn-key O&M services and asset management scope 

MASE, the leading regional solar operations and maintenance firm, and Al Kawn Radio & TV Broadcasting, a principal owner and operator of radio and TV broadcasting platforms in Jordan, announced the signing of an operations, maintenance and asset management contract for two commercial-scale solar PV plants located in Al Sult and Ras Al Naqab, Jordan.  The plants, developed and owned by Al Kawn, are interconnected to the local distribution networks on a wheeling arrangement. They have been financed by the Cairo Amman Bank under a commercial loan agreement.

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The plants, which have a combined installed capacity of 280 kWp, are fitted with the latest bi-facial panel technology and cutting-edge Huawei string inverters.


Under the contract, MASE will carry out turn-key operations, maintenance and management services comprising preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance to ensure the plant’s long-term performance and optimal availability.  MASE will also carry out asset management services comprising periodical management reporting and to ensure compliance with owner, grid and lender requirements.


O&M for solar plants fitted with bi-facial panel technology

The Al Kawn Solar PV Plants are fitted with bi-facial solar panels, representing a unique and exciting operational challenge, particularly as it relates to periodical panel cleaning.  MASE has devised a unique operational approach which resulted from a particular design for the panels allocation process.  In undertaking the operations and maintenance for the facilities, MASE will establish a proven track record for bi-facial solar panel maintenance.

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