RES4Africa And The Ministry Of Energy, Mines And Environment Of Morocco Sign Agreement To Further Drive The Country’s Renewable Energy Transition

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RES4Africa Foundation and the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco signed an agreement to formalise their cooperation on key strategic initiatives in the fields of electricity and renewable energy.


Access to electricity through renewables constitutes a pillar of sustainable growth. The use of abundant and diverse renewable energy sources from which Africa benefits can provide reliable, secure and competitive responses to the electrification of urban, peri-urban and rural areas. To accelerate the energy transition and widen access to energy on the continent, more sustained and concerted efforts are needed between public
and private actors to attract private investments and ensure technology transfer by increasing the pace and optimising costs of its access.

In this framework, the agreement signed by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco and RES4Africa Foundation aims to enhance the cooperation on specific, strategic initiatives in order to drive even further the development of renewable energy in Morocco. In particular, RES4Africa will support the Ministry by providing information based on its expertise, experience and know-how, by offering technical assistance for the design, modelling and implementation of a system of certification mechanisms for green electricity, by sharing models for setting up decentralised rural electrification projects based on renewable energy, by providing technical assistance for the finalisation of the country’s energy transition roadmap, and by organising both bilateral dialogue and capacity building activities to promote and raise awareness on the
aforementioned initiatives.

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Moreover, RES4Africa launched, in partnership with PwC, the survey “Renewable energy in the Mediterranean: Mapping the risks and challenges to private investment” to identify the most relevant barriers to renewable energy investments based on the views of a broad range of international stakeholders. The survey, which focuses on a list of selected countries, includes Morocco, and the aggregated results of the survey will feed into a comprehensive study which will provide important information to the Moroccan


“Our strong relationship with Morocco goes back in time” explains Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Africa Foundation, “Since the launch of RES4MED in 2012 we found a strong and reliable partner in the country, and occasions for mutual collaboration have been many. Through this agreement we are scaling up this mutual collaboration, and we look forward to implementing the numerous activities we’ve been discussing to support Morocco in driving its renewable energy transition”.

“Morocco is moving steadily towards the energy transition, the success of which will notably require the implementation of real partnerships, involving an even stronger commitment from the private sector and all the actors concerned, both in terms of technological innovation, transfer of know-how, strengthening of skills, industrial integration, while taking advantage of opportunities for synergies and scale effects” concludes Moulay Abdellah Zoubir Idrissi, Director of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco, “It is in this sense that the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment signed this agreement with RES4Africa, with a view to setting up a set of cooperation actions which will surely contribute to the acceleration of this energy transition”

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