EnerMAN Is Now Working With Partners In US, Australia, Poland, Africa To Deploy Its ET-SOL Remote Monitoring SCADA Solution For The Global PV Plants


    Did you know that the efficiency of power generation  in Solar PV plants is  largely influenced by failures in a fraction of the PV modules, equipment problems mainly Inverters, combiner boxes & transformers ? A reduction in power generation loss is a significant point with respect to return of investment. It is very important to minimize these losses through the quick detection of problems and analyzing the data.


    You don’t need a complex state of the art SCADA system to monitor the plant. You need a simple reliable system data logger that collects data from all the active equipment in the solar PV plant and pushes on to the local server or the Cloud.


    ETi-SOL is one such IIOT logger based remote monitoring & control system, designed by EnerMAN technologies. Multi Plant View Homepage gives a comprehensive view of the health of the complete portfolio, while the Plant overview page shows all the KPIs of the PV plant.

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    Unlike PLC based SCADA, ETi-SOL does not have any limitations on the number of tags being monitored. You can read & display an unlimited number of parameters from all the equipments. 


    ETi-SOL can be integrated with third party SCADA using REST APIs or any other standard data exchange protocols like OPC / FTP .

    This means – if you have already installed a SCADA and that doesn’t have remote access feature or your SCADA is non-functional, we can repair/upgrade and enable IOT based remote monitoring. EnerMAN’s Made In India- data logger ETi-Log interfaces with all makes of Inverters, SMB’s & other serial interface based equipment in PV plants.Text, whiteboard

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    ETi-SOL is deployed across India and is backed with a regional service support network.

    EnerMAN’s experience in designing these monitoring systems comes from the team which was part of its parent company Avi Solar , which has several Giga Watts of OMS experience. The team has hands-on knowledge on a number of SCADA systems and has great insights on what works & what doesn’t!

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    EnerMAN is now working with partners in US, Australia, Poland, Africa to deploy its ET-SOL remote monitoring SCADA solution for the global PV plants. 

    Write to sales@enerman.in to fix your PV Plant SCADA issues. If you are about to set up a new plant, call us at +91 70229 49911to find out how much you can save by installing ETi-Log IIT based SCADA for your PV plant.

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