Fox Has Brought To Market An Exciting Range Of Grid-Tied Inverters Offering Unrivalled Performance And Efficiency


    Fox is a subsidiary of Tsingshan Group, a Fortune 500 company with annual sales revenues in 2019 of 37.6 billion USD. It is the world’s largest stainless steel manufacturer and operates the world’s largest nickel mining and production hub in Indonesia, and now, the company is aggressively stepping into position for the energy transition with its investment in Fox, a new company specialising in the development, production, and distribution of distributed generation products and solutions for the residential PV and ESS market and the commercial solar and storage market.


    Fox has brought to market an exciting range of grid-tied inverters offering unrivalled performance and efficiency. The product range is available for single-phase installations from 0.7 to 6.0Kw (S & F Series); and for 3-phase applications up to 25kW (T Series).


    In addition, Fox has launched a range of battery options, tapping into the deep supply chain of Tsingshan Group to provide advanced solar plus storage solutions to its customers around the world. One such offering is the LV5200; a high-performance, plug and play, deep-cycle battery.


    Fox inverters are precision engineered to provide maximum performance, efficiency, reliability and longevity. They incorporate a unique heat-sink and cooling fin design that is integrated into the inverter casing to ensure optimal direct contact with heat generating components. The pioneering fin design creates a larger surface area and this larger contact surface greatly increases the cooling effect, increasing the heat transfer ability of the inverter by up to 30% when compared to other leading brands.

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    In addition to reducing heat stress, the R&D team at Fox paid special attention to the inverter capacitors, the most expensive electrical component, a Fox have selected the market-leading tier one brand for their inverters. A key factor impacting on capacitor lifespan is their capacity to store charge during each cycle, and Fox have scaled up the number of capacitors, decreasing the amount of charge stored and prolonging the lifespan of the inverter.

    Fox offers a range of flexible battery storage solutions for all applications. One of its flagship battery products is the LV5200, a high-performance, scalable battery storage module. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of storage applications. Up to twelve batteries can be installed in parallel, allowing for a maximum storage capacity of 61.44kWh. Installation is easy, with a plug and play solution that can save valuable time for installers. This low voltage battery benefits from a 98% charge/discharge efficiency, a 90% depth of discharge and is rated for ≥6000 cycles.

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    Whether it be inverters, chargers, storage systems or battery cells – all system components are designed, developed and manufactured by Fox. This ensures total hardware and software compatibility and allows for warranties that are fully integrated. Unlike equivalent systems, there is only ever one aftersales point of contact, providing the customer and installer with the best possible after sales service and total peace of mind.

    India has a good capacity of rooftop market. Fox is targeting the rooftop market through distributors. Also, some big EPC companies, some ODM with Fox inverter range of 1-25 Kw are more suitable for rooftop market. Fox will soon introduce a range of 25-100 Kw for utility scale and MW projects.

    India is a promising market. By controlling the supply chain, Fox is able to offer the high quality products with an attractive price to be more competitive in this market.

    Fox believes India is a very promising market and wants to play a significant role in India’s solar demand. Fox is revolutionising the solar and storage sectors with ground-breaking product developments, a vertical supply chain that is driving up quality and driving down costs, and an unswerving commitment to after sales care.

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