Trina Solar Attends The Advanced Module Technologies Conference On 210mm Sized Solar Modules


The Advanced Module Technologies Conference on 210mm sized solar modules
went online as scheduled on January 27, 2021, with Trina Solar, Risen Energy,
Canadian Solar, INES and other organizations devoting insights to the discussions.
Trina Solar was invited to deliver a keynote speech and participate in a round-table
discussion, expounding the technological advantages of 210mm sized modules and
discussed the development of advanced photovoltaic module technology with
domestic and overseas practitioners in the photovoltaic industry.


Head of Global Presales at Trina Solar, Yaodi Liu introduced the solid technical
reserves in the field of efficient photovoltaic cells and modules, industry-leading
capacity for mass production, capacity superiority in high-efficiency photovoltaic
cells and modules.


In terms of module technology, Trina Solar realized on-ground solar power
installations with various module sizes. As the PV industry rushes into the era of grid
parity, the Vertex series have a prominent edge in LCOE thanks to the continued
efforts to cost reduction and efficiency improvement by Trina Solar. With the help of
non-destructive cutting, high-density cell interconnect, multi-busbar (MBB) and other
forward-looking technologies, VERTEX highlights significant advantages in high
power, high efficiency and high reliability compared with competing products. The
loading capacity is increased by different margins in 210mm single-glass modules,
compared to the 166mm, especially the 22% increase of the 40 GW model, and the
wattage of the 55 GW model will also increase by 10% compared to the 50 GW
model. “In addition, third-party advisory body DNVGL compared the value of the
166mm, 182mm and 210mm modules for trackers at the PV sites in the US and Spain.
Compared to 166mm and 182mm modules, 210mm VERTEX module reduces BOS
costs by 6.06% and 1.6%, respectively, and the LCOE by 3.72% and 0.45%,
respectively. All of this confirms that the 210mm VERTEX module is performing
well on the application side and can actually add value to the customer, “said Yaodi

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As for production capacity, Gonzalo de la Vina, Head of Trina Solar Europe, disclosed
that Trina expects to top 50GW of module capacity by the end of 2021, “With the
coordinated development of inverters and other products in both upstream and
downstream, the new generation of inverters and trackers began to fully fit the
advanced 210mm modules, enabling 210mm Vertex to receive a large number of
orders in Europe and win the favor of strategic customers.”


Since establishment from 1997, Trina Solar has been driven by innovative, reliable
quality and customer value. Since the release of the first advanced Vertex 210mm
modules in February 2020, the product line has been stacked with different products
including Vertex S 400W, and the Vertex series of 500W, 550W and 600W and
beyond, which fit well with the applications of residential, commercial and large scale
power plant, as well as multiple scenarios of agriculture and fisheries. In this way,
Vertex contributes to the development of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient
energy system and the development of renewable energy to achieve the goal of carbon

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