Premier Energies: Specializing in Products and Innovations for a Sustainable Future


    Premier Energies, founded in 1995 by Shri Surender Pal Singh, is one of the leading Solar PV Cells & Module manufacturing companies, providing end to end solar power solutions to organizations across India, and in 30 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.


    For over two decades, we have been driving sustainability in the renewable energy sector with a range of products and innovations for energy generation and storage. Formerly Premier Solar, Premier Energies has today diversified from solar energy to a fully integrated clean energy company offering end to end solutions. 


    With growing environmental challenges, we have been increasing our capacities to find solutions that would drive sustainability in the renewable sector. As a company, we aim to be among the top 5 employers of choice in the renewable energy space by 2025. Our vision is to be an impactful global leader in creating sustainable renewable energy solutions that contribute to cleaner air and a greener world, and our mission is to be one among the top 3 brands in the industry for solar manufacturing and EPC by 2023 by focusing on quality and reliable energy solutions.

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    We take pride in fostering a culture of continuous innovation in the renewable energy sector. These innovations are largely with a view of saving space and with an aim to deliver unique products and solutions that will contribute to a greener tomorrow.


    Our focus on high quality and innovation has earned us ISO Certification. Premier Energies is also the first Indian solar module manufacturing company to be BIS certified and the world’s 1st CB certified company for Solar PV modules issued by UL. We have an inhouse R&D lab wherein we simulate some of the tests our products go through as part of the internationally reputed IEC test cycle and the nationally mandated BIS test standards. We conduct rigorous internal testing of all key RM and finished products to ensure they adhere to the strict internal, national and global standards.

    We are proud to be one of India’s leading solar module manufacturing companies that offer a broad spectrum of photovoltaic products, ranging from Polycrystalline Silicon Solar cells to Mono PERC and Polycrystalline Solar PV modules. We provide customized services specific to the needs through our high performing products that promise years of performance, higher conversion, and efficiency. With a total annual capacity of 650 MW, our state-of-the-art- solar cell and module manufacturing lines are equipped with the latest technology, producing reliable, long-lasting, cost-effective and energy saving solar cells and modules for a sustainable future. We are expecting to double this capacity with our new manufacturing unit soon.

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    Solutions offered by Premiere Energies: 

    • Rooftop:  The rooftop installations optimize space for solar energy conversion at commercial buildings, industries, and residential properties. It helps you reduce electricity costs to create long-term savings.
    • Ground mounted: On the ground, the panels can be pointed in the optimal direction for good sun exposure, which makes it the most easy and cost-effective solution.
    • Water Pumps: Solar powered pumps can replace the regular pumping systems and can be used to irrigate crops, portable drinking water or water livestock. It is easy to install with low maintenance or fuel cost.
    • Diverse Projects: We have delivered some of the most innovative solutions across the country like – Canal top & canal bank, Asbestos shed & parking structures, Floating solar solutions, Tracker & Hybrid solutions etc.

    Our dynamic team of technocrats, business professionals, researchers and developers operate from Hyderabad, led by Mr. Surender Pal Singh, Founder & Chairman and Mr. Chiranjeev Saluja, Founder & Managing Director. We aim to become one of the top players in India, with a strong overseas presence in the next 3 years. We have manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad spread 40,000 sq feet. We aim to forge partnerships with leading global players with a view to work closely in helping solve the climate change crisis, by providing sustainable, clean energy solutions.

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