Singapore MOE To Make Its Schools Solar Equipped


Singapore’s Ministry of Education(MOE) plans to reach its target of getting at least 20 percent of schools to be carbon-neutral by 2030. Progressively equipping schools with solar panels over the next decade is one way the Ministry of Education (MOE) plans to do this.

MOE is also working towards a two-thirds reduction of net carbon emissions from the schools sector by 2030. This target was first announced in February at the unveiling of the Singapore Green Plan 2030. 

MOE will start by piloting sustainability features and related concepts in four schools – Elias Park Primary School, Mee Toh School, Commonwealth Secondary School and Tampines Secondary School as these schools have already adopted a holistic school-wide approach to sustainability. Further work will be done with them to reduce net carbon emissions from the school buildings, and to encourage students to actively reduce their individual carbon footprint.

The lessons and experience from these schools will help to progressively scale up good and practical solutions across all the schools. Along with this, the ministry will also continue to enhance school infrastructure with green features.

With about 130 schools currently on the SolarNova programme with solar panels progressively installed on their rooftops, MOE will extend this to cover most of the remaining schools in the coming decade.

MOE will also gradually install LED lights as the main light source in classrooms and more energy-efficient direct current fans.

Under the programme, environmental sustainability will be “holistically integrated” into schools through the 4Cs – curriculum, campus, culture and community. MOE will develop more learning resources that feature sustainability initiatives within the school environment, which will help students “connect their learning to their actual lived experience in schools.

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