“Megamic Has A Suite Of Hardware And Software Products Designed Specifically For Performance Monitoring And Asset Management Of Large Scale And Distributed Solar PV Plants” Thyagaraju Naidu, Co-Founder & Director, Megamic


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1. Can you give us a brief idea of the solar solutions that your esteemed company provides?


Megamic has a suite of hardware and software products designed specifically for performance monitoring and asset management of Large scale and distributed solar PV plants. Starting from electronic devices such as string monitoring cards, data loggers and RS485-wireless transceivers to our cloud based platforms including data analytics, centralized monitoring and digitized O&M, Cleaning cycles, Generation Analysis, etc. of a solar Plant, we have it all. Megamic is probably the only Company in India with a complete solution of electronic devices and cloud platforms for residential / commercial rooftops, solar water pumps, solar street lights and micro grids.

2. Your company is known for coming up with timely innovative products. Can you brief us about the R&D efforts currently being undertaken?

At Megamic we have in-house R&D teams working on software and electronics development. With cumulative man-years of 30+ among the core team in R&D, We believe in developing and delivering a holistic solution to our customers. All our products are built from the ground up, involving customer’s inputs and relevance right from the very beginning.

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3. How important is real monitoring and analysis of data? Could you explain your data driven technology offerings in brief?

Generation from a given solar plant should ideally be limited only by irradiance at that location and ambient temperature, but that is seldom the case. The plant’s performance needs to be measured. Important KPIs such as PR and CUF directly reflect the performance of the PV power plant. Any under-performance needs to be quantified into various loss contributing buckets, so that timely corrective actions could be taken to fix those issues. This is possible only with real time monitoring and data analytics. With SolarNxt – Megamic’s flagship cloud based monitoring and analytics solution, a plant owner or O&M personnel is able to monitor KPIs of his plant, understand reasons for under-performance if any, and more importantly improve ROI from the Solar Plant.

4. What are the technology shifts that we are likely to see in the solar industry in the next few years?

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We see a lot of digitalization coming into the solar industry, especially in the O&M space. Many of the traditional O&M activities such as module cleaning, grass cutting etc have now become data driven. We are already seeing increasing penetration of ticketing systems for daily O&M tasks and events management. Specifically, on the monitoring front, we are seeing acceptance for cloud-based platforms instead of offline local installations. AI/ML is playing a key role in LCoE. Megamic has leapfrogged in this front and thrives to become market leader to consistently provide LCoE.

5. How do you see your company evolving and growing over the next 5 years in the competitive solar market?

Megamic’s products are built with asset owners and O&M teams in mind. We see a significant value which our products bring to the table. This would only increase with time. With continuous focus on field requirements, feature-set relevance and R&D activities we are uniquely positioned to cater to this competitive solar market. We intend to become the de facto standard supplier for monitoring and analytics requirements. Reducing Human Interventions into O&M will be our prime focus for the next 5 years.

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