15 Inverter Production Lines and 10 Energy Storage Production Lines—Huizhou Manufacturing Base of SOFARSOLAR Founds


On April 27, SOFARSOLAR held the foundation stone-laying ceremony of the new R&D and manufacturing project for energy products in Huizhou. The newly-built Huizhou manufacturing facility which represents an investment of 400 million yuan will cover an area of 50 mu (33,334sqm or 360,000 sqft).


The manufacturing area will be comprised of 15 inverter production lines, 10 energy storage production lines, a product three-dimensional storage and a logistics center. The R&D facility will host SOFARSOLAR global data center as well as a product testing center. After completion and when fully operational,the target annual sales volume has been evaluated at 5 billion yuan ( approx. 770 million USD) and the sales revenue is predicted to exceed 10 billion yuan (approx: 1.5 billion USD) in 2026.


Xu Tao, chairman of SOFARSOLAR, said: “SOFARSOLAR in the future will focus on the transformation and storage of new energy power equipment, the R & D and management of smart energy, take reducing the cost of electricity and improving the efficiency of electricity as the core, build Huizhou Manufacturing Base into a world-class modern production and manufacturing base with ecological and energy efficiency, low-carbon environment-friendliness and scientific and technological intelligence, and provide stable and reliable products and valuable services to customers all over the world, aiming to speed up the pace of smart energy interconnection and promote the application and popularization of global clean energy. “

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Huizhou Manufacturing Base of SOFARSOLAR plans to build two 7-storey modern workshops, one 14-storey high-quality apartment with living facilities, with a total construction area of 110,418.85 square meters, including two workshops with an area of 90,003.84 square meters and a high-quality apartment with an area of 14,077.48 square meters. After its completion, 15 inverter production lines, 10 energy storage production lines, product three-dimensional storage and logistics center, SOFARSOLAR global data center, and product testing center will be set up. SOFARSOLAR will also take the development as an opportunity to transform and upgrade the new energy industry in Huizhou and create more competitive and broad cooperation space for global partners.

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