WBERC (West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission) Allows Netmetering For Rooftop Solar Upto 30.06.2021


In a recent order, WBERC acknowledges the difficulty faced by the intending consumers falling under Net Billing/ Gross Metering as per WBERC (Co-generation and generation of electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy) (First Amendment) Regulations 2020.



On 22nd Dec, 2020 the commission notified West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (Co-generation and generation of electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy) (First Amendment) Regulations 2020 with revised RPO targets, and capping Netmeter facility upto 5Kw capacity for all agriculture consumers, institutional, industrial, commercial consumers and consumers of housing complexes. Also commission has allowed Net Billing/ Gross Metering facility above 5Kw capacity for all kind of consumers. The consumers with existing Netmetering facility will continue the same arrangement.


The Generic tariff for grid connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant and detailed procedures die implementation of rooftop solar power plant under Netmeter and Net billing are yet to be finalised.


Commission’s Analysis

Keeping in mind about the difficulties faced by some consumers and solar entrepreneurs who invested in ongoing projects based on prior WBERC notification where Netmeter was allowed above 5Kw capacity. Commission observes the consumers who will install their Solar PV System and notify the same to the concerned licensee within 30.06.2021 shall be considered under Netmeter as per previous regulation. The distribution licensee shall verify and confirm the date of installation of Rooftop Solar Project before approve it under Netmeter. Commission also observed that the consumers applying for Rooftop Solar connection falling under Net-billing shall not be able to get connected till such time the feed-in-tariff is notified by the commission.

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Earlier MNRE issued the electricity (Right to Consumer) rules, 2020 mandating Netmetering for load upto 10KW and Gross Metering for loads above 10KW. Later ministry revised it to 500KW maximum capacity allowed under Netmetering.

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