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Sembcorp Industries Launches Green Financing Framework


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Sembcorp Industries (Sembcorp) today announces the launch of the Sembcorp Green Financing Framework (Framework), demonstrating the Group’s commitment to a more sustainable future and focus on driving investments in renewable energy across its markets.


The Framework is aligned with The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Climate Bonds Standard v3.0, containing rigorous scientific criteria which are consistent with the 2 degrees Celsius warming limit declared in the 2015 Paris Agreement. The Framework is also aligned with Green Bond Principles by the International Capital Market Association as well as other international market standards and guidelines including Green Loan Principles and ASEAN Green Bond Standards. The Framework has been reviewed by EY, a CBI-approved verifier.

Sembcorp may now issue CBI-certified green bonds and other green financial instruments to support the financing and/or refinancing of eligible green projects. As outlined in the Framework, this includes generation and supply chain facilities, transmission and supporting infrastructure of renewable energy assets as well as energy storage assets and facilities.

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With the Framework, Sembcorp provides greater transparency and assurance for investors and lenders who are seeking investments and projects aligned with their specific sustainable investment strategies in support of a low-carbon economy.  

Eugene Cheng, Group Chief Financial Officer of Sembcorp, said “Sembcorp’s Green Financing Framework forms the backbone of our commitment to grow our renewables portfolio, and play our part in supporting the global energy transition and a more sustainable future. With the integration of this ambition into our financing strategy, we look forward to being a robust player in the green finance ecosystem.”

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