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TotalEnergies Completes Rooftop Solar Construction For Betagro in Thailand

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TotalEnergies has completed the construction for 24 facilities of solar-powered rooftops for Betagro across Thailand. This is one of the largest corporate solar portfolios in Southeast Asia and will be offering clean energy to Betagro through 20-year corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs).


An estimated 38 GWh of renewable electricity per year will be generated by this 25 megawatt-peak (MWp) system which is about 10% of the company’s total power consumption. It will reduce CO2 emissions by 26,000 tons per year, comparable to approximately 4,300 fewer cars on the road.

Constructed within 6 months, the solar photovoltaic (PV) system combines more than 62,000 solar panels, equivalent to covering 36 soccer fields. TotalEnergies provided all the capital investment for the project and now provides renewable energy to Betagro through 20-year power purchase agreements, allowing the company to operate in line with its purpose while achieving significant savings on electricity.

Mr. Vasit Taepaisitphongse, CEO and President of Betagro Group, said that the electrification of the solar power system will lead Betagro to huge achievement on the commitment of “Responsible Consumption and Production”. Besides ensuring the environmentally friendly system, Solar Power System provides Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) value to their products and is obviously the right strategy for cost effective management. They have plans to expand the solar power across all their facilities

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Mr. Gavin Adda, CEO of TotalEnergies, mentioned that TotalEnergies has the intention of doing business in a sustainable way, with less impact on the environment and more cost-effective management. Betagro wanted a partner it could trust to deliver its project successfully and safely – even during the pandemic. TotalEnergies provides its customers peace of mind from a technical, financial and commercial perspective. They are committed to being a long-term energy partner for Betagro and are proud that they have placed their trust in them for such a landmark project.

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