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    ETi-SOL®: A Device Agnostic Solar PV SCADA Solution By EnerMAN


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    “The Indian electricity sector is on the cusp of a solar‐powered revolution…….”– India energy outlook 2021 by international energy agency, released in February 2021


    Going digital is the talk of the town in the solar sector. Understanding the benefit and ease of digitalization, many have opted for smart meters and monitoring. However, the big picture is still missing. Yes, the solar sector has remote monitoring gateways that send alarms, notifications on the operational aspects. But very few solutions provide decision driven data that emphasizes economic aspects. As a plant owner, it is righteous to have that economic overview and the big picture of the plant.

    ETi-SOL® is one such software solution that provides meaningful insights and drives important economic decisions in a solar plant. In addition to that, ETi-SOL® is a leading brand in terms of hardware retrofits. With a proven track record of retrofits, ETi-SOL® is the first choice in the solar sector independent of the available hardware on-site. Here is why.

    Adaptive and modular architecture

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    ETi-SOL® is modular and adaptive by design. The data capture and storage, all happens in the application layer and is independent of the end device hardware or the local available gateways. The data capture endpoint is a machine-to-machine interface and this enables a separation between the application layer and the physical layer. ETi-SOL® is structured with application program Interface and is only operating system dependent. A link between the hardware data structure and the ETi-SOL® endpoint, and we are good to go.


    Are you a plant owner who just bought additional sensor / data equipment and finding it difficult to Integrate with the monitoring system you have? Well, with ETi-SOL® you can easily scale upon your hardware trouble-free. ETi-SOL® is a scalable solution and additional monitoring of devices can be added hassle free. ETi-SOL® also adapts to the increasing number of users for monitoring your plant. Just write to us on and leave the integration to us.

    Flexibility and easy integration

    Owing to the extensible design of ETi-SOL®, it gives you a great flexibility and interoperability to pick and choose any hardware you want. The integration happens in the application layer. Meaning, there is no restriction on the type of hardware that you need to buy. We can integrate any Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, analog signals, digital signals and even RF data. You can choose extensive hardware wired or wireless as required for your plant and ETi-SOL® works with everything! We even integrate your existing traditional Programmable logic controllers with our ETi-SOL®.

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    ETi-SOL® Edge

    ETi-SOL Edge is the newest addition to EnerMAN technologies world class products. ETi-SOL Edge is a local monitoring solution that needs just one computer at your main control room (MCR). No additional hardware required at all. All the required firmware and software can be installed in the computer at your MCR, and you have a monitoring solution. This can still be accessed remotely by static IP or third-party remote monitoring tools. It is a light version of ETi-SOL®. If you are looking for a simple monitoring tool with no or very little Annual maintenance costs, ETi-SOL® Edge should be your choice.

    In summary, ETi-SOL® is a flexible, adaptive and modular solar PV SCADA solution which is independent of the hardware used on the field. It integrates with anything. Such is its architecture. Similarly, ETi-SOL Edge is a light version of ETi-SOL®, a local and device independent SCADA Solution. With the Pandemic striking the world, ETi-SOL® is the best choice for going digital and remote.

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