SOFARSOLAR AC Battery Storage Inverter: When Simple Solutions Meet Advanced Technology


SOFARSOLAR AC Battery storage inverter:
when simple solutions meet advanced technology The SOFARSOLAR AC battery storage inverter ME3000SP was first introduced in 2015. Developed using advanced energy storage technology, with a focus on quality and stability, the AC battery storage inverter ME3000SP, which allows you to charge from the grid or solar panels, has been leading the market in many countries around the world increasing its reputation and becoming a source of constant attraction.
The success of one of our star product is not coming out of chance, but thanks to its characteristics that many satisfied customers around the world have recognized:


Universal compatibility
SOFAR ME3000SP will properly function regardless of the set-up on the DC side. This means that the system will work with string inverters, dual string inverters,micro-inverters.


Easy Matching
The SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP system can be paired to any DC generating system. It picks up power once it is converted to AC, which means that you will face no limitations caused by string set-ups, or voltage inputs or outputs. The existing system simply carries on doing its job, and SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP is set lower on the system to provide you with the best performance.


Simple installation
The SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP is generally installed close to the fuse board of the house. There is no need to locate it next to the inverter which means that all the necessary cables are available to clamp around the two sensors (the AC supply to the property for monitoring power in and out, and the AC generation from the renewable source – which generally comes down to the fuse board on a single AC feed, or to a small, dedicated consumption unit).

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The SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP system only needs a separate MCB off the existing fuse board (or a dedicated unit), no plug point needed, as it takes the required power from its AC connection. Batteries must be located within 2 meters of the SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP.

To summarize:
SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP should be set next to the AC supply from the fuse board, two local sensors need to be fitted, and the battery pack should be installed close to the unit.

Monitoring made easy
The unit display could not be any simpler. It shows four power levels:
⦁ The renewable generated energy power (solar or turbine),
⦁ The battery power,
⦁ The house generated power,
⦁ And the grid power.
The system is designed, in case where the renewable energy power does not meet the house necessities, to allow the battery to export energy in order to minimize relying on the grid and increasing electricity costs.

SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP is conformed to the safety regulation settings of more than 30 countries, and the switching time follows the safety regulation standards of each country that is set to be less than 10ms, meeting with the backup UPS/EPS scenarios needs.
Advanced charge and discharge management technology allows the battery to supply power when the power grid is cut off, when it is restored, the power mode will switch automatically.

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Power usage made simple
This system will always look for minimizing your house needs to get electricity from the grid which could increase your energy cost. That means that if there is power in the battery and that the renewable energy source is not covering the house capacity, it will kick off and supply power. This is a very important improvement from a simple fill-in-the-day and empty-at-night type of solution, as it means you can have higher savings from your battery capacity.

Simple WiFi monitoring
The SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP has an inbuilt Wi-Fi unit and an external GPRS module unit easy to pair to the house router. Download the free APP (Search for SOLARMAN on your download store) and monitor the performances of your system on your phone (iPhone or Android).

Simple battery option
The SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP system works with an option of 1, 2, 3 or 4 of the SOFARSOLAR 2.4kWh batteries. These batteries are stackable and can be linked together to increase the capacity of the system.

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To conclude,SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP is an AC battery storage management unit with a 5- or 10-years warranty. As explained, there are significant benefits to use AC side battery storage and it is fully compatible with any renewable energy systems.
The SOFARSOLAR ME3000SP will work with all single phase systems and allow a modulable and expandable battery solution covering all your energy needs, saving costs and preserving the planet.

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