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Green Stream Holdings, Inc., Signing Up Host Sites For New York State Community Solar Program

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Community-Solar Is A New York State Shared Solar Program Which Offers All Utility Customers The Opportunity To Switch To Solar At No Cost, With Nothing On Their Roof Or Property, And Receive Immediate Savings On Their Electric Bill


Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: GSFI) (“the Company”) (, an emerging leader in the solar utility and finance space, which had previously announced that it would be entering the rapidly growing urban gardening sector with solar greenhouses dedicated primarily to rooftop farming, and had also announced that it is was moving forward with its previously announced project to convert old shipping/cargo containers into inexpensive greenhouses for urban and inner city neighborhoods, today announced that it is partnering with the government and its agencies to target yet another unmet customer base… those people/businesses that do not have the rooftop or other area on their property to house the company’s solar technology infrastructure.

A Community Solar Program consists of one central solar array (rooftop, field, carports etc.) which is virtually connected to ten or more “subscribers”. The energy produced by the array offsets the utility bills of subscribers. Subscribers are often those who aren’t able to install solar panels on their own property for a variety of reasons including No roof space or shaded roof space; Older roof or incompatible roofing material; Condo/co-op board rules; and/or Municipal zoning codes that are prohibitive of solar technology.

Solar Host Sites are established with a property owner who has the space, and it allows surrounding homeowners/business owners without the requisite space on their own property, to receive a savings on their electric bill due to the excess electricity being sold to the utility from the Host Site.

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Community-Solar is a New York State shared solar program which offers all utility customers the opportunity to switch to solar at no cost, with nothing on their roof or property, and receive immediate savings on their electric bill.

Green Rain Solar has been working with New York State; the PSC, NYSERDA, Governor’s Office for the past 10 years, helping pass the Community-Solar legislation. Green Rain Solar Consulting has partnered with the leading roofless community shared solar providers, offering individual customers a seamless transition to automatic monthly savings.

CEO James DiPrima said: “The program is available to all New York utility customers – residential, business, nonprofit, and renters; Nothing on your home or office building; $0 upfront cost, $0 ongoing costs – ever; Instant 15% to 25% savings on your electric bill 25+ years of savings; Move to a location and the savings stay with you (as long as you move within the same utility zone); Optimally situated and fully maintained solar arrays for maximum power generation, and Internet and smart-phone monitoring to easily track performance and savings.”

He continued: “A solar farm is built on a “Host Site” rooftop or ground mount, a remote location within a Utility Zone; The system is tied directly to the utility grid, bypassing any on-site meters; All of the power produced by the system can then be credited to any individual utility customer, at zero cost, instant savings; and the savings will be credited to the individual customers’ bill for 20 years+…”

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About Green Stream Finance, Inc.
Green Stream Finance, Inc., a solar utility and finance company with satellite offices in Malibu, CA and New York, NY, is focused on exploiting currently unmet markets in the solar energy space and is currently licensed in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, and Canada. The Company’s next-generation solar greenhouses constructed and managed by Green Rain Solar, LLC, a Nevada-based division, utilize proprietary greenhouse technology and trademarked design developed by world-renowned architect Mr. Antony Morali. The Company is currently targeting high-growth solar market segments for its advanced solar greenhouse and advanced solar battery products. The Company has a growing footprint in the significantly underserved solar market in New York City where it is targeting 50,000 to 100,000 square feet of rooftop space for the installation of its solar panels. Green Stream is looking to forge a key partnership with major investment groups, brokers, and private investors in order to capitalize on a variety of unique investment opportunities in the commercial solar energy markets. The Company is dedicated to becoming a major player in this critical space. Through its innovative solar product offerings and industry partnerships, the Company is well-positioned to become a significant player in the solar space.

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