50% of BSES’ Power Portfolio to Turn Green by 2024

Integrate 60% Renewable Energy for Cut in Emissions by One-third: Report

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Delhi’s power distribution company (Discom) BSES intends to have around 50% of its long-term power arrangements from green energy by FY24, sources in the company said.


Since renewable energy is intermittent in nature and is not available round-the-clock, the discom will likely increase its dependence on real-time market in power exchanges for contingencies.

Green portfolio of BSES, comprising pure play renewable energy and hydro power, will make it one of the greenest discoms in the country.

At present, around 22% of long-term arrangements of BSES comprise green power, which includes 365 MW, (9%) of solar and wind energy and about 548 MW, (13%) of hydro power. The FY24 target of renewable energy will include 2,291 MW of solar, wind and waste-to-energy systems and 1,000 MW of hydro power.

BSES’ plan to include more renewables come at a time when the government intends to come up with a “green tariff” mechanism, which will allow industrial units and businesses to meet their entire power requirement via renewable energy sources via discoms.

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A provision for a separate green tariff is also seen to reduce the hesitation of discoms in going for power purchase from renewable energy sources, as this mechanism will not impact general tariffs.

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