Jinko De-Carbonizing India’s Auto Industry – Asia’s largest Carport is Powered by JinkoSolar Panels.


Jinko Solar’s Cheetah mono facial series modules are deployed at Asia’s largest carport facility located in the northern part of India. This is one of its kind flagship projects with a 20 MWp installed capacity – the highest in any carport across Asia. This extraordinary feat has been designed and executed by Jinko’s client, KEC International at their customer’s factory premise. Jinko’s high-efficiency panels help offset the grid consumption and facilitate EV charging as well beneath the carport. The customer is India’s largest and renowned automobile manufacturer – A leader in the domestic market. The carport houses different segments of cars once they move out of the production line at this mega factory spread across 600 acres. 


The 405 Wp Jinko modules help the plant generate an estimated 30 million units of green electricity on-site which helps the car manufacturer offset part of their huge power requirement with renewable energy and save on grid consumption at higher industrial tariffs. 

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JinkoSolar remains the first choice for rooftop and C&I clients in India. Jinko modules score high on performance, longevity, and aesthetics. Gener Miao, CMO of JinkoSolar said, “We are proud and excited that JinkoSolar has a part to play in these cars that reach the Indian consumers through their most trusted and valued automobile brand. Our products will cater to more businesses and industries and help them move towards carbon neutrality while providing access to cheap and reliable energy.”


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