First of 10 Projects by Mainstream Renewable Power Inaugurated in Chile


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Mainstream Renewable Power recently inaugurated its Rio Escondido solar farm, which has an installed capacity of 145 MW. Mainstream is famous wind and solar energy company.


It is the first of 10 assets in Mainstream’s Andes Renovables platform to be inaugurated. The platform, which consists of 7 wind and 3 solar farms, will contribute 1.35 GW of renewable energy to the Chilean grid by 2022, generating enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 20% of the energy consumed by regulated customers in the country.


Rio Escondido has more than 436,000 solar panels, arranged over 430 hectares in the district of Tierra Amarilla in the Atacama Region. It is one of 4 assets comprising the 571 MW Condor portfolio, which commenced energization in July.

Mainstream also recently announced plans for a second 1GW renewable energy platform in Chile, called Nazca Renovables, which will include 6 additional projects to those already under construction as part of Andes Renovables. Once both platforms are online, Mainstream will have a total of 16 projects in the country and with an installed capacity of more than 2.3 GW, delivering clean energy to almost three million homes, and avoiding the emission of over 2.7 million tons of CO2.

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Francisco Lopez, Chile’s Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy, said: “A few days ago, we learned of the IPCC report, which warned us of the acceleration of climate change and its effects on the atmosphere, the planet, and oceans. Many of those impacts are irreversible and the responsibility that humans have had in this whole process was clear. To mitigate this, we must reduce the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases rapidly – and the energy sector plays a central role in addressing this challenge.”

“The inauguration of Rio Escondido, the first of 10 Mainstream projects under construction in Chile, contributes to the incorporation of more renewable and clean energies that are decisive to mitigate climate change and modify the way our country is developing and is characterized by sustainable development, he added.”

Manuel Tagle, General Manager, Latin America, Mainstream Renewable Power, said, “In Chile, about 78% of greenhouse gases come from the energy sector and its consequences are evident. Our industry has a great opportunity to help reverse its impacts by decarbonizing our energy mix with clean and environmentally friendly energy.”

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