Trends & Technology Roadmap For Large Format Module (LFM)

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From 2019, an interesting trend started to appear in PV market, in which the increase of module peak power was not driven by improved cell efficiency , rather by bigger size module with larger wafer sizes, over the course of 2019 and 2020 modules of over 400W started to appear which evolve to more than 600W by 2021.


Today the Solar industry is rapidly shifting toward new Solar Panel technologies like N-Type, HJT, TOPCon, Ga-doped P-type Cell, Triple Cut Cell, Half Cut Cell with larger format PV modules with power ratings more than 500Wp. These new technologies promise higher efficiency, better performance in varied operating temperatures and reduced impact from shading, resulting in lower LCOE and higher ROI.

Here we will discuss recent trends in large format modules and technology roadmap for Large Format Module manufacturers.


Large Format Wafer Size : M2- 158.75mm2, M4- 161.75mm2, M6- 166mm2, M10- 182mm2, M12- 210mm2.


As per ITRPV 2021 version it is expected that M2 version of Mono-Si wafer will disappear after 2025. M6 will gain market share and appears to be a transition format from 2021. M10 and M12 format will be dominating the market from 2025 onwards. It is not clear yet which of the two formats will be dominating in future as both have advantages and disadvantages. 

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We will later analyse recent trends in Cell manufacturing in terms of M10 or M12 wafer production.

Recently launched New Products in SNEC 2021 version is given in the below list.

CompanyProductOutput (W)Conversion eff (%)Technology RouteCell SizeNotes
LONGiHi-MON57022.3TOPCon182mmHPC Cell technology, 72 Cell
JA SolarDeepBlue 3.0 Pro60521.70%Zero Spacing, 11BB HC Cell182mmSingle Glass, 78Cell, Ga-doped
JA SolarHJT58022.40%HJT, HC Cell, MBB182mm72Cell, bifacial ratio >85%
JA SolarN-Type62022.10%N-type, HC Cell, MBB182mm78Cell
Jinko SolarTiger Pro n-type 78 TR-TV62522.86%N-type, HC Cell, MBB182mmTransparent Backsheet
Jinko SolarTiger Pro 54HC41521.25%MBB, HC Cell182mm54Cell, Suitable for residential project
Trina SolarHJT71022.55%HJT, HC Cell, MBB Small Spacing210mmNon Destructive Cutting
Trina SolarN-type i-TOPCon70022.30%N-type, i-TOPCon, MBB210mm
Trina SolarVertex67021.60%HC Cell, MBB210mmHigh density encapsulation
JolywoodNiwa Max JW-HD13270022.53%HC Cell, MBB210mmBifacial G-G, mass production expected in Q2 2022
GCL-PolyM12 bifi G-G67021.60%HC Cell, MBB210mm
SeraphimS-Vsense bifi HC67021.57%MBB, HC Cell bifi210mm
SeraphimS-IV sense bifi HC55021.57%MBB, HC182mmHigh density encapsulation
SeraphimS-III HC Module46021.16%MBB, HC166mm
Sunport PowerC10 Pro MWT + HJT70022.80%MWT, HJT, HCSuitable for super thin wafer
Sunport PowerM7 bifacial G-G46021.10%MWT, PERC, HC Cell166mmBifacial G-G, 182mm and 210mm Cell
TongweiShingled G-G HJT705Shingled Module, HJT210mmG-G
TongweiShingled G-G TOPCon695Shingled Module, TOPCon210mmG-G
SuntechUltra V55021.30%MBB, HC Cell210mm72 Cell
SuntechUltra Plus65021.20%HC Cell, 12BB210mm66 Cell
Canadian SolarHiKu767021.60%MBB, HC Cell, Small Spacing210mm
Canadian SolarBiHiKu760021.20%HC Cell, 12BB210mmBifi, G-G
Canadian SolarHiHero43022%HJT,MBB, HC182mm
JinergyJNHM156-50510HJT, HC MBB166mmBifi rato > 85%
RisenNewT@N70022.50%N-type, MBB, HC Cell210mmHigh density packaging
ChintASTRO6 Semi67021.75%MBB, HC Cell210mmga-doped wafer
ChintASTRO6 Twins66021.57%MBB, HC Cell210mmbifacial G-G
YingliAerospace PRO Series540MBB, HC CellSingle Glass
TalesunBIPRO TD 867521.40%HC Cell, MBB210mmBifi G-G
AkcomeHJT70022.53%HJT, 9BB, HC
HT-SAAEHT78-18X60022%HC Cell, 10BB182mm78Cell, 1.5KV
CECEP Solar65021%HC, MBB210mm60Cell
Znshine60021.40%HC Cell, 10BB182mm78Cell, bifacial

Source : Firstview Research, PVTech.

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From the above list of  recently launched Large Format modules by top manufacturers it is evident that we are in a transition period from P-type Mono to N-type mono, HJT, TOPCon etc. N type module comes with its greater reliability with respect to LID, LeTid, PID etc.


From the above chart it is evident that the Large Format Module power output range is going to be around 500W to 710W.


From the above chart it is evident that the Large Format Module efficiency range is  going to be around 21% to 22.86%.


From the list of new products it is evident that out of total 30 manufacturers, 43.6% are using M12 size of Cell , 48.7% are using M10 size of Cell and only 7.7% are using M6 size of Cell. This trend is in line with ITRPV 2021 prediction.

Present trend of Larger Size Wafer/ Cell Supply Chain:

PV Cell SupplierPlant Capacity (MW)Cell Size
Aiko Solar22000M12 (210mm) p-type mono PERC, M6(166mm) bifi mono PERC, M3 (161.7mm) mono PERC, M2 (158.75mm) mono PERC
Tong Wei (TW) Solar35000M12 (210mm) (9BB), M6,Shingled (166mm)(9BB), G2 mono (9BB), M2 SHJ (HJT) (9BB)
Jinko Solar11000M6 (166mm) P-type mono PERC, N-type Poly Cell, N-type TOPCon mono
Longi Solar30000M6 (166mm) P-type mono PERC, N-type Poly Cell, N-type TOPCon Mono
Longi Solar30000M10 (182mm), M6 (166mm)
Hanwa Q-Cell10000
Canadian Solar9600M10 (182mm) mono PERC, M6 (166mm) mono PERC
REC Solar1800HJT (P-type)

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