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Pertamina Targets 5000 Gas Stations to Install Rooftop PLTS In Indonesia


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Pertamina targets the installation of PLTS at 5000 gas stations which has the potential to save a total of IDR 4 billion in a year for all these gas stations resulting from savings in electricity bill costs. The installation of the PLTS will be carried out by Pertamina NRE as a Pertamina subholding.


The energy transition that is being carried out by Pertamina can be seen on the face of the new Pertamina gas station. Green Energy Station, Pertamina’s new gas station concept, provides an integrated and more environmentally friendly service to consumers. One thing that looks different on the GES is the use of PLTS Roof to meet electricity needs.

“Pertamina supports efforts to achieve net zero emission. Gas stations, which have been known only as places to fill fuel, have become more environmentally friendly with the GES concept, where electricity needs are met by PLTS and provide services for a more environmentally friendly consumer lifestyle. The installation of PLTS at 5,000 gas stations is estimated to have the potential to reduce emissions by 34 thousand tons of CO2 per year,” said Pertamina NRE Chief Executive Officer Dannif Danusaputro.

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Not only decarbonization, the use of PLTS has the potential to provide economic benefits for gas station owners of up to Rp. 1 million per month from savings in electricity bill costs. If as many as 5,000 gas stations install PLTS with a capacity of 5 KWp, then the total potential savings generated is around IDR 4 billion in a year.

The PLTS installed at the gas station is the Rooftop PLTS with an on grid system, where the PLTS is integrated with the electricity supply network as a place to store energy generated from solar heat. This is to increase flexibility and share the role as a backup power supply. Compared to off grid systems, PLTS on grid systems use simpler technology so that installation costs are also more competitive. 

The results of research conducted by BloombergNEF show that in the period 2010 to 2020, the cost of PV mini-grid investment fell drastically by 90 percent. With the development of technology and increasing economies of scale, it is projected that the cost of installing PLTS will be competitive compared to fossil fuel-based power plants. 

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Not only that, the operation and maintenance of PLTS Roof is relatively easy. For maintenance, solar panels only need to be cleaned at least every 6 months to avoid dirt and fungus. The HSSE aspect is a top priority in Pertamina’s business so that the PLTS construction process is ensured to be safe.

“We are very concerned about the safety and comfort of consumers. HSSE Golden Rules has become a culture at Pertamina, where security and safety aspects will not be separated from any of our operational activities, so consumers don’t have to worry,” added Dannif.

Another interesting thing about PLTS Atap is the futuristic appearance of solar panels that can provide a decorative function on the roof of the gas station. In some countries where the use of solar power is more advanced, the solar panel products produced by manufacturers not only provide functional benefits but are also more varied with several color choices that add decorative benefits to building roofs.

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